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Shannon Muir - Nursing

{Shannon Muir}
Shannon Muir

Shannon Muir grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, and completed a B.Sc. (Zoology) at the University of Alberta before deciding to pursue a career in nursing. Seeking a bit of adventure, she moved to Newfoundland in 1993 to enroll in the BN program at Memorial, and completed her undergraduate nursing degree here in 1997.

"After working as a staff nurse for 4 years, both in Newfoundland and in North Carolina, I returned to Memorial to undertake a Master of Nursing degree. My areas of interest were in pediatric nursing and international health. I was able to focus on these interests by undertaking my thesis research in Indonesia, as part of a joint primary health care project involving faculty at Memorial and the University of Indonesia. My thesis study focused on the home treatment of childhood diarrhea in Indonesia; in particular, trying to identify the factors preventing mothers from using Oral Rehydration Solution, the treatment recommended by the World Health Organization. I realize that studying diarrhea may not be everyone's idea of an interesting topic, but when you consider that it is the second leading cause of death of children in developing countries, the importance of the topic is apparent. I completed my thesis work, and convocated with my MN in October 2002.

"While I loved my work in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, it didn't allow me the flexibility to pursue my diverse interests in nursing. I had a real desire to be involved in teaching and research, in addition to clinical practice, as well as wanting the opportunity to pursue my interest in international health.

"The faculty at the School of Nursing are a very nurturing group. Although Memorial is the largest university in Atlantic Canada, it has somehow managed to maintain a friendly informal atmosphere, which has always made me feel like individual students really matter. I never felt like I was just a student ID number that had to be shuffled through the system. Rather, I found that both academic and administrative staff were willing to treat me as an individual with individual needs, and were willing to be adaptable in terms of determining the best way for my needs as a student to be met in order for me to meet my academic goals.

"St. John's is a lively, entertaining, quirky sort of city. As much as I love my hometown of Edmonton, living in this smaller city, with its rich Celtic culture, clinging to a rock on the edge of the Atlantic has been a real joy. The fact that I moved back here from sunny North Carolina to pursue my Masters degree speaks to the allure that the city holds for me.

"I completed my MN in October 2002 and was hired at the School of Nursing here at Memorial for a one year contract as a clinical instructor. In this position I provide teaching and supervision to students in a hospital setting, which gives me the opportunity to fulfill my interest in teaching, as well as remaining involved in patient care. My immediate plans include working on disseminating the information learned in my thesis study through publication, as well as through the development of health education programs. My long-term goals include pursuing a PhD in nursing, and continuing with teaching and research in an academic setting. As far as I'm considered it's the best of all worlds - a career which allows me to pursue my diverse interests, in a challenging and flexible work environment, in a discipline which is undergoing a rapid and exciting evolution.

Shannon is the recipient of the Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Applied Health Research Graduate Fellowship (2001/02) and the F.A. Aldrich Graduate Fellowship (2000/01).

{Memorial University of Newfoundland}