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Karelyn A. Davis - Statistics

{Karelyn A. Davis}
Karelyn A. Davis

Karelyn Davis is from Mount Pearl, Newfoundland. She completed her B.Sc. (Joint Honours) in Statistics and Pure Mathematics at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

"I am pursuing a Master of Science in Statistics. My research is concerned with order restricted statistical inference and applications to dose-response studies. In particular, I am investigating step-down testing procedures for the minimum effective dose (MED), which is present in biopharmaceutical studies. Statistical methods are used to determine if a specific dose is significantly better than a standard dose or a control.

"I decided to pursue graduate work in order to advance my knowledge of statistics and to obtain more valuable research experience. As an undergraduate, I enjoyed the two summers I spent working with Dr. Charles Lee of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and this subsequently became the basis of my current thesis project.

"I chose to continue my master's work at Memorial University, recognizing the quality and diversity of programs offered. I have found the faculty to be very approachable, accommodating and always willing to offer advice and encouragement in my endeavours. I have greatly appreciated the collaborative environment of the department.

"Since becoming a graduate student, I have been encouraged to pursue professional development activities. Last summer I participated in the Graduate Programme in Teaching, upon the recommendation of my supervisor, and had the opportunity to guest lecture at three classes and engage in discussions with other non-science graduate students about teaching-related activities. This experience was invaluable for my current teaching assistantship duties and will prove beneficial to the university course I am scheduled to teach. Furthermore, I have been afforded the opportunity to participate in statistical consultations with clients from government and industry, which has increased my exposure to the applied nature of my discipline. I feel these experiences have augmented and enriched my theoretical knowledge of statistics and will prove beneficial in my future career.

"I have traveled to many parts of Canada and many countries in the world but I have always loved coming home to St. John's. Choosing to attend Memorial University was a conscious decision. Instead of viewing the "bonus" of attending MUN as being close to home, I chose Memorial for their program offerings and accepted the benefits of "home" as a bonus.

"In my spare time I like playing golf, listening to music, playing the piano, dancing in tap, ballet, jazz, and most recently ballroom from the MUN Ballroom and Latin Dance club. I also love to travel, and have recently visited the United Kingdom and Western Europe. After visiting St. Andrews golf course, my goal is to develop statistical techniques that will decrease my handicap!!

"After completing my master's degree, I hope to continue my studies in Statistics at the doctoral level. I am confident that my years at Memorial will have prepared me for any decisions that I make toward future endeavours.

"As a graduate student, I have been awarded an NSERC PGS-A scholarship and the F.A. Aldrich fellowship from the School of Graduate Studies at MUN. As an undergraduate student, I was the recipient of the Memorial University Alumni Scholarship for the five years of my programme, and the convocation medal for Mathematics at the Spring 2002 convocation. I have also won the Lou Visentin award from the Dean of Science, and the Dean of Science Book prize for Mathematics and Statistics. I have also received four scholarships from the government of Newfoundland and Labrador and two Atlantic Accord Scholarships.

{Memorial University of Newfoundland}