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Dr. Tia Renouf

{Dr. Tia Renouf}
Dr. Tia Renouf

Assistant professor
Family medicine

Research interests
Dr. Tia Renouf has a strong background in emergency medicine. She is excited about her new geographic full-time faculty position, in which she will be involved in establishing the new emergency medicine 18-month third year for the family medicine residency with Dr. David Morgan and other colleagues. She is particularly interested in rural medicine and the new program will include six months of enhanced rural skills portion of the program. She would like to find ways to support and enhance the emergency skills of rural physicians through a consultative process with rural doctors so emergency doctors who work in urban settings can deliver relevant information.

Dr. Renouf has had many adventures in isolated areas of the world. Most recently she traveled to Antarctica as ship's doctor aboard the Russian Akademik Ioffe. Although the trip proved uneventful, she was always prepared for any emergencies from fractures to heart problems, knowing she might have to stabilize a patient for a few hours until a plane could arrive. (For a feature article on Dr. Renouf's trip to Antarctica see the Jan. 23, 2003, Gazette) Always drawn to remote places, Dr. Renouf spent two years in Australia with the Royal Flying Doctor Service, which consists of five aircraft in Alice Springs that cover central Australia - an area of desert about the size of Spain. As the doctor on call, she was phoned or radioed for advice. Based on the information she received, she decided if the situation could be managed where it was, if a plane and a nurse should collect the patient, or if she should fly out too. When not on call, she attended clinics, flying each morning to an Aboriginal homeland. Dr. Renouf also worked in Micronesia as the solo doctor on the island of Rota where she treated tropical and environmental diseases such as exotic animal evenomations. She also worked briefly as an emergency doctor in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Renouf earned her MD at Memorial in 1984. She has practiced emergency medicine for the past 18 years, writing her specialty exams a few years ago. She has worked mainly in St. John's and Halifax, maintaining rural skills by continuing to do locums in rural Newfoundland and Nova Scotia and remote coastal Labrador as well as other remote areas of the world.

{Memorial University of Newfoundland}