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Dr. Robin Whitaker

{Dr. Robin Whitaker}
Dr. Robin Whitaker

Assistant professor
Department of Anthropology
Faculty of Arts

Main research interests
Dr. Whitaker's research often concentrates on political conflict, political transitions, and the politics of representation, and her current research on the politics of Northern Ireland addresses emerging debates concerning the anthropology of democracy and gender. Regardless of topic, Dr. Whitaker's research is always informed by a feminist theoretical perspective. Future research may focus on what Dr. Whitaker refers to as the Newfoundland migrant labour force in Ireland, particularly as students and youth in Newfoundland travel to Ireland to work.

Supported by a SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship, ISER Research Grants and the IFUW Ida Smedley MacLean Fellowship (among others), Dr. Whitaker pursued fieldwork in Northern Ireland towards her dissertation, Talking Politics: Gender and Political Culture in the Northern Ireland Peace Process. While in Northern Ireland, Dr. Whitaker became involved in local politics, extending her stay and becoming active in the Northern Ireland Women's Coalition, one of 10 political parties elected to participate in peace talks. Her five years in Northern Ireland concluded in 2001 with the completion of her dissertation, and her appointment to Memorial University of Newfoundland as assistant professor in the Department of Anthropology.

Dr. Whitaker hails from Portugal Cove, and completed her BA at Memorial University of Newfoundland with a major in anthropology and a minor in women's studies. She continued her anthropology studies with an MA from York University, and at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she was awarded her doctorate in 2001.

{Memorial University of Newfoundland}