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Dr. Peter Hart

{Dr. Peter Hart}
Dr. Peter Hart

Associate professor,
Department of History
Faculty of Arts

Research Interests
Dr. Hart's research finds its focal point in Irish history. As a history professor and researcher, he has studied how the IRA, religious segregation, and British Intelligence affect the lives of individuals, as well as a nation. His particular interest lies in recent Irish history, as it lends itself to research techniques, such as personal interviews, that facilitate the gathering of primary sources. Upcoming conferences in Italy and Ireland will provide research opportunities in civil war and terrorism, as well as in Irish Republicanism, respectively. By studying and writing about the recent history of various Irish groups, Dr. Hart hopes to bring the stories of real people to an international audience.

Dr. Hart has dedicated much of his career to the research of recent Irish history. As a PhD candidate at Trinity College in Dublin, he researched, interviewed, and collected vast amounts of information on members of the IRA, leading to the 1988 publication The IRA and its Enemies. Funded by the Institute for Social and Economic Research, Dr. Hart also spent a great deal of time in Ireland, speaking with elderly Protestants about their experiences as a small, yet distinct, minority in their country. Over the last decade, Michael Collins, a powerful Irish leader, has been of particular interest to the historical researcher, who has written a book on the subject, slated for release in late 2002. Dr. Hart's most recent publication, British Intelligence in Ireland, will be published within the next few months.

Born in St. John's, Peter Hart studied for one year at Memorial University of Newfoundland, eventually graduating with a BA (Hons.) in history from Queen's University, a MA in International Relations from Yale, and a PhD in history from Trinity College, Dublin. Dr. Hart then accepted a five-year teaching and research position at Queen's University in Belfast, followed by his recent appointment as a Canada Research Chair in Irish studies and an associate professor and graduate supervisor in Memorial University of Newfoundland's history department.

{Memorial University of Newfoundland}