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Dr. Lindsay Byran

{Dr. Lindsay Byran}
Dr. Lindsay Byran

Assistant professor
Department of History
Faculty of Arts

Research Interests
Dr. Bryan is interested in the social history of religion during the medieval period, particularly in the area of sin and scandal in medieval England. The newly-appointed professor questions events in this period from a feminist perspective, noting that gender is inevitably a part of her work as a female historical researcher. With a Dean's Research and a Vice-President Research grant, Dr. Bryan will soon be embarking on a research trip to England, where her primary focus will be the history of the diocese of Rochester in the 14th century. Primarily, Dr. Bryan is interested in how religion manifested itself in the daily lives of medieval citizens.

As an undergrad at Brock University, Dr. Bryan became particularly intrigued by medieval history through one of her more influential professors. Much of her research has consisted of studying and teaching medieval history, and in particular, the social history of religion, to students in both Ontario and Newfoundland. In early May of this year, Dr. Bryan will attend the 37th International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where some 5,000-6,000 medievalist will be treated to almost 600 presented papers. As well, in late July she will be attending the Harlaxton Symposium in Lincolnshire, England, where medieval history, art, literature, and architecture are celebrated annually. Dr. Bryan is currently teaching a fourth-year seminar course at Memorial University that studies women in the middle ages, and will be offering another in the fall focusing on ideas surrounding death and the after-life during this time in history.

Dr. Bryan completed an honours degree in history and English at Brock University, followed by an MA in medieval history from McMaster and a PhD in medieval history from the University of Toronto. Shortly after graduation, Dr. Byran taught single courses at both Brock and York, followed by a 12-month contract teaching at Brock. She moved to Newfoundland in August 2001 to accept a permanent teaching position as an assistant professor in medieval history at Memorial.

{Memorial University of Newfoundland}