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Dr. Janet Brunton

{Dr. Janet Brunton}
Dr. Janet Brunton

Assistant professor

Research interests
Dr. Brunton hopes to further explore the impacts of amino acids on infant growth, particularly within the small intestinal region. She is looking forward to bringing her prior knowledge and experience, having conducted this research on piglets, to Memorial University, where she will eventually set up a model of research similar to that she carried out in Alberta. Very soon, Dr. Brunton will be recruiting graduate students to work with her in her research, and is enthusiastically anticipating "the beginning of some very interesting work here in Newfoundland."

With her extensive knowledge and experience in the realm of dietetics, Dr. Brunton has viewed human nutrition from all angles. She worked on the front lines as a dietician for several years, and later turned her attention to furthering research, particularly in the area of neo-natal nutritional health. Her doctoral thesis was rooted in research that examined the effects of various nutritional plans on premature infants' growth and body composition. A fellowship from the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research enabled her to continue her studies at the post-doctoral level, researching the ideal dietary amino acid pattern when intravenous feeding is required.

Growing up just outside of Toronto, Dr. Brunton completed a bachelor of applied science in human nutrition from the University of Guelph. Following a dietetic internship at University Hospital in Saskatoon, she worked as a clinical dietician in the area of pediatrics for five years. Dr. Brunton was inspired to further her studies at MacMaster University in Hamilton, having made the move to neo-natal dietician once back in Ontario, and eventually earning herself a PhD. Five years later, after completing her post-doctoral work in Alberta, the nutritional biochemist accepted an assistant professorship at Memorial University in the fall of 2002. She will be teaching Community Nutrition and one quarter of a fourth-year selected topics course this coming winter.

{Memorial University of Newfoundland}