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Dr. Greg Brown

{Dr. Greg Brown}
Dr. Greg Brown

Assistant professor
Family medicine

Research interests
Dr. Greg Brown is a family physician with the extra qualification of a year's study in emergency medicine. He has joined the Discipline of Family Medicine as one of the faculty who will provide the new emergency medicine 18-month third year for the family medicine residency. He is particularly interested in the extra skills provided by special training in emergency medicine and is looking forward to teaching residents. Another research interest he would like to develop in future is the role of paramedics and what they are allowed to do in the field.

Dr. Brown earned his MD at Memorial in 1999, and also holds a B.Sc. (biology) from Memorial. He did his two year family medicine residency at Memorial and then went on to do a third year special competence in emergency medicine at the University of Western Ontario. This certification is from the Canadian College of Family Physicians and at the moment Memorial is the only medical school that does not provide the program - a lack soon to be rectified. Dr. Brown said he chose to specialize in the family medicine emergency certification so he could remain a generalist but have extra skills. A five-year emergency medicine specialty is also available through the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Memorial's special competence in emergency medicine will be unique in that it is 18 months rather than 12 and includes six months of enhanced rural skills. Dr. Brown said there is already a lot of interest in Memorial's new program; nationally this special competence in emergency medicine is fairly competitive with about 100 people applying for a spot or two at each site.

{Memorial University of Newfoundland}