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Dr. Faisal Khan

{Dr. Faisal Khan}
Dr. Faisal Khan

Associate professor
Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests
Dr. Khan has long been interested in how a raw material like oil is turned into a usable end product. During the course of his education, Dr. Khan's area of research shifted from chemical engineering to computer applications that could interface with chemical engineering, and then later on to looking at the environment and the effects of interfering with its natural processes. He first came to Memorial in 2000, as a visiting research professor working with Dr. Tahir Husain in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science on a research project that was developing computer aided risk based corrective actions for contaminated sites in Saudi Arabia. Currently, he is working with another researcher at Dalhousie University developing a safety risk assessment for the offshore environment. For his outstanding research in the field of environmental engineering he was awarded the Nawab Zain Yar Jung Bahduar Memorial Medal from the Institute of Engineers (India) for 2002.

While completing his doctorate, Dr. Khan worked as a scientist at the Centre for Pollution Control and Energy Technology where he developed a computer aided environmental management unit. After graduation, he took a position as assistant professor at the Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences in Pilani, India. Since coming to Memorial, Dr. Khan has had the opportunity to take his research interests in a new direction. The offshore environment provides a great opportunity to continue his work in risk assessment and reliability studies, while addressing issues specific to working in an offshore, and at times unpredictable, environment.

At Aligarh Muslim University in India, Dr. Khan completed his bachelor's degree in chemical engineering. He then went on to complete a master's degree in computer aided process plant design at the University of Roorkee, followed by a doctorate in computer aided risk assessment at Pondicherry University. He joined Memorial as an associate professor in August of 2002.

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