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Dr. David Thompson

{Dr. David Thompson}
Dr. David Thompson

Assistant professor
Department of Chemistry
Faculty of Science

Research interests
Dr. Thompson's research focuses on taking light energy and converting it into chemical energy. He said that fossil fuel materials would be better used for other purposes, for example as building materials. Also, concerns over environmental and political conflict resulting from the use of fossil fuels as energy sources are the impetus for Dr. Thompson's research. His research is a new field of study in the Department of Chemistry, and six students will work in his lab this summer. Dr. Thompson hopes that a device to convert light to chemical energy will be achieved in his career; however, there are some challenges to overcome first. In order to capture as much photon energy as possible, he must first master controlling how electron motion occurs in molecules. Electrons can be pushed with light, but once the light is off, the control over the electron is lost.

Most of Dr. Thompson's post-graduate research has focused on photo-induced electron transfer, turning light into electrical energy. His post-doctoral research was funded by NSERC and completed at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. At the Brookhaven Laboratory, he worked with the photophysics and photochemistry group seeking alternative energy sources.

Dr. Thompson completed his B.Sc. (Hons.) and his M.Sc. at Queens University, as well as a PhD from York University. He was employed in research posts at Wayne State University, Johns Hopkins University, and Brookhaven National Laboratory (in Long Island, part of the Department of Energy) before commencing his position at Memorial in September 2001.

{Memorial University of Newfoundland}