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Senate Committee on Research

Name Department Appointment until September
Dr. Greg Dunning Earth Sciences 2005
Dr. Carolyn Harley Psychology 2005
Dr. Robert Helleur Chemistry 2005
Dr. Mark Joyal Classics 2005
Dr. John McLean Medicine 2005
Dr. Gary Paterno Medicine 2005
Dr. Azmy Aboulazm Marine Institute 2004
Dr. Clark Ross Music 2004
Dr. Mohsen Daneshtalab Pharmacy 2004
Dr. Thomas Michalak Medicine 2004
Dr. Dorothy Milne Library 2004
Dr. Patricia Canning Education 2003
Dr. Christopher Parrish Ocean Sciences Centre 2003
Dean of Graduate Studies    
Vice-President (Research and International Relations)    
Director, Office of Research (Executive Secretary)    
Mr. Thom Duggan (c/o MUNSU) Undergraduate Student 2003/03/31
To be announced (c/o Student Housing, Rm 309 Hatcher House) Graduate Student 2003/03/31
{Memorial University of Newfoundland}