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Human Investigation Committee

Member Affiliation
Sharon Buehler, AB, MA, PhD Co-Chair of Committee Community Health
Richard Neuman, BA, PhD Co-Chair of Committee Basic Sciences
Margaret Adey, BSW Lay Member
David Allison, MD, FRCPC Community Health
Mark Borgaonkar, MD, FRCSC Clinical Sciences, Internal Medicine
Joan Crane, MD, FRCSC Clinical Sciences, Women's Health
Michael Hall, MD, FRCPC Clinical Sciences, Pediatrics
Jeannie House, LL.B Lawyer
Marie Hyslop Lay Member
Velma Jacobs, RN, BN, MN Centre for Nursing Studies
Rebecca Law, BSc Phm, PharmD School of Pharmacy
Penny Moody-Corbett, BSc, MA, MSc, PhD Assistant Dean, Research & Graduate Studies (Prof. Physiology)
(ex officio)
Abayomi Ogunyemi, MB, FRCPC Clinical Sciences, Internal Medicine
Honorable H. James Puddester, Q.C. Lawyer
Daryl Pullman, MA, BEd, PhD Health Care Ethics
Lise Rowe Lay Member
Edward Randell, PhD, DCC, FCACB Laboratory Medicine
Shirley Solberg, BN, BA, MN, PhD School of Nursing
Andréée Thoms, BA, BEd, LL.B Lawyer
Bruce Van Vliet, BSc, PhD Basic Sciences
Jennifer Morgan, Recording Secretary Human Investigation Committee
Linda Purchase, RN Patient Research Centre (Manager), Clinical Sciences
Andrew Latus, PhD Health Care Ethics
{Memorial University of Newfoundland}