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Culturally sound

{Editorial board of Culture & Tradition}
Members of the editorial board of Culture & Tradition pose in front of a wheel, the original motif of the journal, which represents the various facets of cultural studies as they move forward. (L-R) Julie Leblanc, Kristin Harris and Ian Brodie.

Students in Memorial's Folklore Department are breathing new life into Culture & Tradition, the Canadian graduate student journal of folklore and ethnology, with the launch of its 23rd volume.

The journal came to life in 1976 under a co-editorship of Memorial University and Laval University. Current editor Kristin Harris, a PhD candidate in folklore at Memorial University, commented on the importance of such a journal, noting, "Culture & Tradition is Canada's longest running bilingual folklore journal, having been in publication for almost 30 years."

Most recently published in 2000, Culture & Tradition fell by the wayside briefly, as students moved in and out of their studies at both universities.

"A group of us at Memorial took a look at the journal recently, and all the great work that had been done over the years, and we just knew we had to keep it going," said Ms. Harris. "Many of Canada's great folklorists were amongst the contributors to Culture & Tradition."

Having been revived from the journal's earliest days, a wheel will adorn the cover of Culture & Tradition's latest volume. While interviewing one of Laval's founding members of the journal, a Memorial University Folklore student discovered that the wheel was originally chosen as a motif, representing the various facets of cultural studies as they move forward.

"This idea is very fitting," noted Ms. Harris, "considering the wide range of topics covered in Culture & Tradition, including the traditional arts, music, foodways, custom, and the list goes on."

With the highly anticipated launch of the journal's revival set for Feb. 20, 2003 Ms. Harris and the editorial board are moving right along with plans for a double volume of Culture & Tradition to commemorate the journal's 24th and 25th publications.

"We have recently put a call out for papers for an anticipated December 2003 release," explained Ms. Harris. "What we're seeking is not simply a look into the future of the discipline, but actual engagement in it."

Boasting a brand new volume, an enthusiastic publishing team, a Web site, newsletter, and international readership, Culture & Tradition has found new movement and direction at Memorial University and beyond.

"We're hoping the journal will be as much a part of our future as it has been our past," Ms. Harris stated. "It connects those working in the discipline, wherever they are, and helps demonstrate the dynamic nature of culture itself."

All are welcome to attend the Feb. 20 launch, to be held from 12-1 p.m. in the Education Building, room ED-4036.

To find out more about subscriptions or submission guidelines, or to become involved, see www.ucs.mun.ca/~culture.

{Memorial University of Newfoundland}