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About This Report

The full length Research Report 2002-2003 is available on the Web at www.mun.ca/research/2003report and on CD and highlights brochure. We welcome your feedback. Web and CD versions contain an e-mail readership survey. You can also send your comments to research@mun.ca or call 709-737-4073.

The Research Report 2002-2003 is a production of the Division of University Relations, Memorial University of Newfoundland.

The period covered by this report is: Fiscal year: April 2002 - March 2003.


  • Dr. Axel Meisen, president
  • Dr. Christopher Loomis, vice-president (research)

Editorial board:

  • Victoria Collins, director, University Relations
  • Deborah Inkpen, communications co-ordinator, (research), University Relations
  • Linda Russell, manager, Publication Services, University Relations

Highlights brochure design and graphics:

  • Helen Houston, University Relations

CD/Web site design (ccwebworks):

  • David Cantwell
  • Ryan Green
  • Rohan Sooklal


  • Photographic Services, University Relations; HSIMS, Faculty of Medicine


  • Jill Bonnell
  • Gay Decker
  • Pamela Gill
  • Sharon Gray
  • Kristin Harris
  • Deborah Inkpen
  • Tracey Mills
  • Ivan Muzychka
  • Aimee Sheppard
  • Dave Sorensen
  • Kim Thornhill

Audio Program Notes:

Faculty members in the School of Music have generously provided recordings of their performances for inclusion on this report. Additionally, choirs who performed in Festival 500: Sharing the Voices which took place in St. John's in 2001 and was supported by Memorial University are featured.

Track Description Time

Duo Concertante
From the CD À Deux

1 Nancy Dahn (violin), Timothy Steeves (piano)
Janacek: Sonata for violin and piano: III Allegretto
[Audio Track - MP3, 2.4MB]

2 Nancy Dahn (violin), Timothy Steeves (piano)
Shostakovitch: Three Fantastic Dances, op.5: I Allegretto
[Audio Track - MP3, 1.2MB]

From Festival 500

3 St. John's Choir
Great and Glorious
[Audio Track - MP3, 4.1MB]
4 Domino (Czech Republic)
[Audio Track - MP3, 4.8MB]
5 Kuang Ching Chorus (Taiwan)
Song of Yang Kuan
[Audio Track - MP3, 6.4MB]
6 Young Voices of Melbourne (Australia)
Song For Imberombera
[Audio Track - MP3, 4.8MB]
7 Newfoundland Symphony Philharmonic Choir (Canada)
We Rise Again
[Audio Track - MP3, 4.2MB]
{Memorial University of Newfoundland}