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Review of CREAIT Network
Office of the Vice-President (Research)

On Sept. 30, 2013, Dr. Richard Marceau, vice-president (research), informed the university community that a draft report relating to the current review of the research grant and contract support services offered by the Office of the Vice-President (Research) had been released.  This report will remain on the research website for comment until Nov.15, 2013.

One of the recommendations contained within the report relates to the Core Research Equipment and Instrument Training Network, commonly referred to as CREAIT. During the course of this review, it was noted that a separate review of CREAIT was undertaken during the Spring/Summer of 2012 and that its findings were never publically released.  Dr. Marceau would therefore like to make this report also available for comment until the Nov. 15 deadline.

The CREAIT Review can be viewed online as a pdf document.

Both reports can can be found at

Feedback can be sent to or via internal mail, Office of the Vice-President (Research), A-2021, St. John’s campus


Oct 24th, 2013

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