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About Dr. Ray Gosine, Associate Vice-President

The Associate Vice-President (Research), Dr. Ray Gosine, works closely with the Vice-President (Research) and other academic leaders on the implementation of the Research Strategy Framework and other strategic priorities, including:

  • identifying and pursuing emerging opportunities to establish new partnerships in strategic sectors;
  • overseeing the management of major institutional research activities through the Office of Collaborations and Partnerships;
  • working with external funding agencies to maximize research opportunities for Memorial;
  • and ensuring successful commercialization of technologies, products and services in collaboration with the Genesis Group and related organizations.


Dr. Ray Gosine, Associate Vice-President (Research)Following completion of an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering at Memorial University, Dr. Ray Gosine attended Cambridge University in England where he completed a PhD in robotics.

Subsequently he held teaching and research positions at Cambridge University, the University of British Columbia and Memorial University. These appointments included an NSERC Chair in Industrial Automation at UBC and the J.I. Clark Chair of Intelligent Systems for Operations in Harsh Environments at Memorial University.

He is currently Associate Vice-President (Research) and a Professor and J.I. Clark Chair in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Memorial.

Dr. Gosine's research is in the areas of telerobotics, machine vision and pattern recognition for applications in the resource industries (i.e. mining, oil and gas, aquaculture and fisheries, and forestry). His teaching activities cover a range of electrical and mechanical engineering topics including electric circuit concepts, kinematics and dynamics, robotics and engineering design projects. Dr. Gosine has also taught graduate courses in the area of robotics and automation, computer vision and adaptive pattern recognition.

From August 2002 until September 2003 Dr. Gosine was the interim associate dean (Graduate Studies and Research) in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Memorial and became dean of Engineering in October 2003, serving in this capacity until March 2008. In March 2008, he was appointed acting associate vice-president (Research). He served as vice-president (Research) Pro Tempore, from October 2008 – August 2010.

Dr. Gosine serves on the board of directors for a number of organizations and companies involved research and technology development. He also serves on the boards of several community organizations.