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Pre- and Post-Award Research Administration at Memorial University of Newfoundland

Pre- and post-award research administration at Memorial is a responsibility shared between the Office of the VPR and Academic Units. Within the Office of the VPR, two units are responsible: RGCS and CCCS. Their roles are overviewed below.

Definition of pre-award services: everything to do with the application for, and acquisition of, research funding, right up to the point of spending. Pre-award services also includes any maintenance activities over the life of the award that are associated with the right to continued use of the funding (clearances, amendments, extensions, applying to the General Research Fund, etc.). RGCS’s pre-award services are described below.


Overview of RGCS (including the post award division MRP) and CCCS roles

Research, Grant, and Contract Services (RGCS)

Research Grant and Contract Services works closely with the Office of the Vice-President (Research); CREAIT, CRC and CFI Services; legal counsel; Enterprise Risk Management; the Innovation Group and individual faculties and schools to provide support for research funding activities.

CREAIT, CRC and CFI Services (CCCS)

CREAIT, CRC and CFI Services (CCCS) oversees all aspects of the Canada Research Chairs Program (CRC), the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and Memorial’s CREAIT Network.

Major Research Partnerships (MRP)

Major Research Partnerships (MRP) is a division within RGCS responsible for the overall financial and administrative management of Memorial's major research collaborations funded by the Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF) or Petroleum Research Newfoundland & Labrador (PRNL) and for assisting in the development of new industrial research collaborations funded via these programs. MRP’s management responsibilities encompass a range of pre-award, post-award and project completion activities of Atlantic Innovation Fund projects.


RGCS Pre-Award Administrative Services

  • General inquiries
  • Institutional compliance review
    • Confirm eligibility requirements of applicant/co-applicants and partner organizations (where applicable)

    • Review budget to ensure that it has been prepared in accordance with funding program guidelines as well as MUN’s policies (including the Indirect Cost Policy)

    • Complete an application component check to ensure all required components conform to the funding agency program requirements

    • Confirm that signatures have been obtained from all internal and external applicants/co-applicants/partners (where applicable) as well as appropriate approvals from unit/faculty/external (including partner organizations)

    • Confirm written confirmation for commitment of resources (cash and in-kind) as outlined in the budget and/or as identified in other sections of the application

    • Assess the relationship of related grants and/or pending applications with the current application (where applicable)

    • Confirm compliance with the “Meaning of Signature” as outlined in the application guidelines

  • Institutional approval including signature (where applicable) for applications, and research funding related contracts and agreements for all funding agencies except CFI and CRC (see CREAIT, CRC and CFI Services for more information)
  • Initiating the establishment of research accounts by Financial and Administrative Services; fund transfers; obtaining confirmation of certifications (Animal Care, Ethics, etc.)
  • Administration of internally-funded grant programs
  • Liaison with Tri-Agency (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC) and other research funding organizations and agencies; related accountability and regulatory requirements
  • Communicating funding opportunities/deadlines; agency guidelines.


RGCS Post-Award Administrative Services

Post-award activities are generally the responsibility of the academic unit. RGCS does provide post-award services for ACOA-AIF and PRNL funded R&D projects on the St. John's campus via its MRP division (see below). RGCS also reports on research activities; this is largely a management function at present.



MRP Pre-Award Activities

  • Provide advice and assistance to researchers in preparing Letters of Intent (LOI) and final proposals and ensure agency and institution guidelines are met.
  • In the application process, MRP would assist with:
    • budget development,
    • identifying eligible matching research funding opportunities,
    • liaison with industry and agency participants,
    • liaison on IP and commercialisation considerations.
  • Liaise with RGCS pre-award services on final application submission, contract execution and account opening.

MRP Post-Award Activities

  • Develop, review and negotiate contractual agreements with project partners including liaison with the innovation group and RGCS on partnership agreements and obtaining mandatory institutional signatures.
  • Oversee project activities and negotiate any material changes to contractual terms and conditions. Responsibilities would include review and approval of project budgets and work plans in accordance with agency and institutional guidelines.
  • Authorize expenses and manage the expense claim process.
  • Facilitate the hiring of project staff through engagement with Human Resources, commencing with the hiring of a project manager to assist the PI with day-to-day project administration and guide the scheduling of project activities.
  • Provide institutional signature on MRP processed financial claims.
  • Other related activities.

MRP Project Completion Activities

MRP works with the PI to ensure the project is completed on budget and all reporting requirements are met and communicated to the project sponsors. MRP facilitates the transfer of technology through engagement with the innovation group on the protection and commercialisation of IP, negotiations with project partners and/or the assessment of commercialisation pathways.


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