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New Protocol Forms

The Institutional Animal Care Committee has recently revised all Animal Care and Use Protocol forms.

Renewal Period:
The new protocol forms will be for a three-year renewal period. This is intended to better align with funding timelines and to make both completion and review easier and more efficient.

  • A complete Animal Use Protocol Form will be completed once every three years
  • A condensed Annual Report Form is submitted each year
  • If the study has concluded, the Annual Report Form will serve as the last submission for that protocol

All forms are MS word documents. These forms are supported by versions of Word 97 and newer. Since forms will be periodically updated, please download the required form each time you need to submit.

As with the previous form, any changes throughout the protocol period can be updated via an Amendment Form. This form must be submitted before any changes to the approved protocol may be implemented.

Hyperlinks to information:
Within all the forms you will find blue font hyperlinks – if you hover over these areas you will find additional information for completing a particular field and some will also provide a web-link for additional information. In any instance, if you have a question or problem with completing the form, please contact the IACC Coordinator at

What forms to use infographic

Questions:  Please contact