Supplementary Faculty, School, and Program Forms

 A supplementary faculty or school application for admission/readmission form may be required in order to complete the application for admission to a number of programs offered by Memorial University. Please follow the links below to access the associated supplementary application and other required forms (if applicable) for each unit or program.

  • For the schools and faculty marked with an * above, the required supplementary application forms are included as part of the University's Online General Application for Undergraduate Admission/Readmission. Additional documents may be required and related information and links are provided to keep you informed during the online application process.
  • Paper copies of most supplementary application for admission forms for the academic units listed above are also available from the Office of the Registrar.
  • You should consult the appropriate Faculty, School, College, or Institute section of the online University Calendar to confirm the application and admission requirements for any program for which you are applying. The related section of the general application for admission will also indicate if and when supplementary application or other forms must be submitted by applicants.