How to register online

To register through Memorial Self-Service you will need a personal computer, Internet access and a current Web browser. While other browsers and older versions of browsers will work, using a minimum of Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5 or Netscape version 4.7 will allow you to take fullest advantage of the Memorial Self-Service features. Using the browser, click on Memorial Self-Service in the menu on the left of this page. You will be asked to log on by giving your nine-digit student number and your PIN.

When using Memorial Self-Service, it is important that you navigate through the pages using the buttons on the Web pages, rather than the navigational buttons of your Web Browser.

From the Student Main Menu, choose the Registration Menu which contains these options:

Memorial Self-Service

Registration Menu


To begin your registration, you will need to select the term for which you are registering. After that, you may search the course offerings, add/drop course sections, or view your schedule/timetable.

If you click on add/drop classes you will see the add/drop page, which provides instructions and a worksheet where you may type the CRNs of the sections you wish to add. Read the instructions carefully before attempting to add sections. To process your registration requests you must click on Submit Changes.

From this page, or from the Registration Menu, you may search the course offerings by clicking on the "Class Search" button. You may search by course subject, course title, CRN, day and time offered, campus, part of term or combination of these. Some sample searches are described below.

  • To find all English courses offered at Grenfell Campus for winter, highlight "English" from the subject list and highlight "Grenfell Campus" from the campus list. Then click on Class Search.
  • To find Biology courses offered between 12 noon and 2 p.m. Monday, Wednesday or Friday at the St. John's campus, choose 12 p.m. in the Begin Time block, 2 p.m. in the End Time block, check M, W, F in the list of days and highlight campus "St. John's" in the campus list. Then click on Class Search.
  • If you would like to determine which Social Work courses are offered through distance education, highlight "SCWK" in the subject list, "Distance Education" in the campus list, and then click on Class Search.

Try to refine your search to exactly what you are looking for so that results of the search are manageable for you to review. Also, when the results of the search are displayed, you may click on the box in front of each course section that you are selecting. When finished your review and selections you may click on the Register button to have your requests processed. Alternatively, you may wish to add your selections to the worksheet to have the requests processed later.

Once the system has processed your requests it will show the course section that could be successfully processed, followed by an explanation for each of those which could not. Read these explanations carefully as you may be able to take further action as indicated in the pull-down list next to the explanation.

Other instructions can be found on the Web pages of the registration system. Read these carefully to ensure the accuracy of your registration. Also, keep in mind that to process your registration requests you must click on the Submit Requests button. You are strongly advised to do this often as you are selecting courses and processing your registration requests.