After you register

A. Making Changes to Your Registration

Once you have completed your initial registration you may make changes. Most changes can be made through Memorial Self-Service. Please ensure you know deadlines for dropping and/or adding courses each semester.

If you wish to change sections of a course (e.g. Math 1000) which is a corequisite for another course, (e.g. Physics 1050), add the new section before dropping the old; otherwise, you will become deregistered in the course which requires the corequisite, in this case Physics 1050.

B. Wait Lists

Wait lists provide students with choices and help to measure demand so that the university can react appropriately. In many cases a large wait list indicates that there is a difference between forecasted and actual demand for courses and, where resources permit, academic units respond to this demand by adding new sections or by increasing the size of existing sections subject to classroom availability.

If you are on a wait list, you should check your schedule via Memorial Self-Service at regular intervals to establish whether you have been accepted into any course for which you had been wait-listed; however, it is not necessary to check more than once per day, as waitlist processing occurs overnight. Remember, you may become registered in a course by moving from the wait list up to and including April 25. If you are about to graduate and completion of your program will be unduly delayed by your inability to register for a course you should consult the head of the appropriate academic unit. However, if the course in question is an elective, you may want to consider other courses.

Be realistic about wait lists. Your position on the reserve wait list may not be a good indicator of your chances of becoming registered in the course if reserves are to be lifted, as it is possible to be number one or two on the reserve wait list but number 25 on the general wait list. If you do not become registered before reserves are lifted your position on the general wait list thereafter becomes the determining factor.

When you have been accepted in the maximum number of courses (i.e., credit hours) permitted by your academic program, all wait-listed courses that you hold at that time will become inactive. This means that you will not become registered in a course for which you are wait-listed even if you are at the top of the wait list when a space becomes available. However, if you drop a course, your wait lists will be reactivated with your same priority positions until you have once again been accepted into the maximum number of credit hours permitted.

All wait lists will be deactivated after the close of the registration system on April 25. After that time and up to the add deadline it may still be possible to add courses using Memorial Self-Service, as many students change or drop courses during this period and spaces often become available in courses which were previously full. The key to becoming registered is to try frequently.

Alternatively, or in addition, after wait lists are deactivated you should contact the academic unit of the course which you wish to add. Academic units are provided with the wait lists as they existed when they were deactivated and thereafter may have their own priority system for majors and minors who need particular courses. In some cases closeness to graduation may determine priority for any spaces which become available; in other cases, a student's position on the wait list at the time wait lists became inactive may be used to assign any available space in a course.

In summary, after wait lists are deactivated and if you were wait listed but did not become registered, it is important for you to make contact with the academic unit both to clarify its policy with respect to wait lists and to seek advice on how to become registered or advice on alternative courses.

C. Reserved Seating

If you change your academic program after registering, any course reserving in effect will be enforced. When your program change is processed, your registration will be reviewed and any course section for which you do not meet course reserve requirements will be dropped from your schedule. Reserved seating will be lifted at the end of the day on April 2. Therefore, if you were wait-listed for a course which was initially reserved, you may automatically become registered in it after April 2. Check Memorial Self-Service for your status after reserves are lifted.

D. Prerequisites

Enforced prerequisites and co-requisites will be checked at the time of your initial registration, and you will not be permitted to register for a course if you have not completed its prerequisites or registered for its co-requisites. However, if at the time of registration you have a course in progress which is a prerequisite for a desired Spring Semester course, you will be allowed to register for the Spring Semester course. After grades become available for the Winter Semester, any courses for which the prerequisites were not successfully completed will be dropped from your registration. This action will be indicated on your student schedule.

Outstanding grades of INC and ABS will satisfy prerequisites only until May 14. Therefore, if as of May 16 you have an outstanding grade from a winter semester course which is a prerequisite to a spring semester course, you will not be able to remain registered in the Spring Semester course unless you are able to obtain a prerequisite waiver.

E. Changes to Class Schedule

Academic units may respond to large wait lists by adding additional course sections. Therefore, you should check Memorial Self-Service periodically to find out if additional sections of a course have been added. As well, any classroom changes will be updated on Memorial Self-Service.

F. Enrolment verification

At any time after you initially register you can obtain Enrolment Verification by checking Memorial Self-Service during regular system hours of operation. You should do this regularly, particularly if you are wait-listed for any courses, or if you make changes to your registration.

An Enrolment Verification document including your schedule will be e-mailed to your account before the start of classes. Subsequent Enrolment Verification will be e-mailed following the various deadlines only to those students who have made changes to their registrations since the previous mailout.

G. Release of Final Grades

Beginning at 5 p.m. on June 26, grades for Intersession courses will be officially released through Memorial Self-Service. Grades for 14-week Spring Semester courses and Summer Session courses will be released beginning at 5 p.m. on August 16.

Printed grade reports are not mailed to students.

After final grades from Spring Semester are available, your readmission status will be checked. If you have been required to withdraw, all of your registrations for Fall Semester will be automatically dropped from your schedule. Your place in these courses will not be saved.

H. Campus Cards

The Campus Card is used for student identification, library services, photocopying, laser printing, purchasing food in the Smallwood Centre from Treats, and for electronic door access to various buildings on campus. Camnpus Cards are the required ID for final examinations, including distance education exams. For the Spring Semester you can obtain your card from Answers, UC3005, during the hours of 8:30 a.m. – 4:45 p.m., Monday to Friday until June 1, and from 8:30 a.m. - 4:15 p.m beginning June 4.

Submit your picture early and have your card ready and waiting for you at Answers. See the website at for instructions.

Students at the Grenfell Campus can obtain their cards from the Ferriss Hodgett Library beginning on May 7.