Prerequisite waivers

If you wish to register in a course for which a prerequisite or co-requisite exists, and if you do not meet the requirement, you may wish to contact the appropriate department head to request a waiver. You should do this before your assigned time of registration. Please note that any such waiver is valid only for one semester.
Enforced prerequisites and co-requisites will be checked at the time of your initial registration, and you will not be permitted to register for a course if you have not completed its prerequisites or registered for its co-requisites. However, if at the time of registration you have a course in progress which is a prerequisite for a desired next semester course, you will be allowed to register for that course. After grades become available for the semester, any courses for which the prerequisites were not successfully completed will be dropped from your next semester’s registration. This action will be indicated on your student schedule.
Outstanding grades of INC and ABS will satisfy prerequisites only until one week after classes begin. Therefore, if as of that date you have an outstanding grade from a course in the previous semester course which is a prerequisite to a current semester course, you will not be able to remain registered in the current semester course unless you are able to obtain a prerequisite waiver.
A Request for Waiver of Course Prerequisite or Co-requisite form is available at the Office of the Registrar in St. John's and at Grenfell Campus, or you can download the pdf file here.