Getting Started

A. Personal Identification Number (PIN)
You have been assigned a special personal identification number. You will use this number along with your student number as a security device to ensure confidentiality and to prevent unauthorized registration activity; it also allows access to your academic and financial records via Memorial Self-Service.

If you have registered in any of the last two semesters, your PIN will remain as you have created it. However, if you have not previously registered using the web, your initial PIN will be your birth year and day. For example, a student born on the 16th day of any month in 1975 will have an initial PIN of 197516. After you have entered your initial PIN, you will be asked to change your PIN to one of your choice. This new PIN will replace your original birth year and birth day PIN and therefore cannot be the same number. Every time you access the registration system from then on the new PIN must be used. You will be the only one who knows your PIN; therefore, do not forget the number you create.

Your PIN protects you from unauthorized access to your academic record. Therefore, you are strongly advised not to divulge your student number and PIN. If you give any person your PIN, you are taking responsibility for any changes made. If you have reason to believe that an unauthorized person has your PIN, or if you have forgotten your number, contact the Office of the Registrar 

B. Updating Your Address
The Office of the Registrar uses e-mail accounts as a tool to communicate with students. If you have not already set up your account, you should do so at

However, it is still important that you update the permanent (PR) address you have provided to us through Memorial Self-Service. As well, you should update your local address, which is used primarily to contact you during the semester should the need arise. Likewise, if you register in distance education courses, you should ensure that you have provided a distance education (DE) address. Distance Education< Learning and Teaching Support (DELTS) uses the distance education (DE) address-type on Memorial Self-Service as the address of first reference when mailing course materials and scheduling examinations. If a DE address-type is not specified, DELTS will use your permanent address type.

Changes should be made using Memorial Self-Service or by submitting the Change of Address(es) form available from the Office of the Registrar. 

C. Establishing and Altering Your Registration
It is your responsibility to ensure the suitability and accuracy of your registration. Failure to register in the proper courses for your program or failure to drop and/or add courses prior to published deadlines will result in academic and financial penalties.

If you have reason to alter an original registration, whether by departmental directive or otherwise, you must go through the drop-and-add process. Failure to do this will result in an F grade in a course not properly dropped, thus resulting in termination of your graduate program; likewise, you will not receive credit for work done in a course not properly added.

If you wish to change courses after registering but before the add deadline, use Memorial Self-Service. Also, most courses may be dropped using Memorial Self-Service up to the deadlines to drop courses without academic prejudice for the fall semester (see the Relevant Dates section of this site for deadline dates). However, in those cases where the systems will not let you drop or add, it will be necessary for you to use a course change form; the form contains instructions for completion.

If you are registering for undergraduate courses, whether as part of your graduate program or not, you will be required to register for such courses by course change form.

If you wish to register for courses outside your program you must use a course change form. A change of program form will need to be completed if any such courses are to become part of your graduate program.

Changes in your graduate program and changes in registration are entirely separate procedures. Changes in a program will not automatically result in the appropriate change in registration, and changes in registration will not absolve you of the responsibility for completing all courses listed in your approved program.

The dropping of [SUBJ] 9000-001/MED 9900-001 constitutes withdrawal from the program and can only be done by notifying the School of Graduate Studies in writing.