After You Register

A. Making Changes to Your Registration
Once you have completed your initial registration you may make changes. If you do so, you should confirm that the changes have been made by checking Memorial Self-Service. Please do this before the deadline to add courses in each semester.
B. Wait Lists
If you have been placed on a wait list, you should check Memorial Self-Service at regular intervals and check your schedule to establish whether you have been accepted into any course for which you had been wait-listed; however, it is not necessary to check more than once per day, as waitlist processing occurs overnight.
Remember, you may become registered in a course by moving from the wait list up to and including December 27. All wait lists will be deactivated after the close of the registration system on December 27.
Academic units will be provided with the wait lists as they exist at that time. After December 27, you should contact the appropriate academic unit to determine whether they will be maintaining a manual wait list at their office, or whether you should find another course. Remember, however, that it is possible to become registered in a course by using Memorial Self-Service after the deactivation of wait lists and up to the add deadline; many students change or drop courses during this time period and spaces often become available in courses which were previously full. The key to becoming registered during this period is to check Memorial Self-Service frequently.
C. Reserved Seating
If you change your academic program after registering, any course reserving in effect will be enforced. When your program change is processed, your registration will be reviewed and any course section for which you do not meet course reserve requirements will be dropped from your schedule.
D. Prerequisites
Enforced prerequisites and co-requisites will be checked at the time of your initial registration, and you will not be permitted to register for a course if you have not completed its prerequisites or registered for its co-requisites. However, if at the time of registration you have a course in progress which is a prerequisite for a desired winter semester course, you will be allowed to register for the winter semester course. After grades become available for the fall semester, any courses for which the prerequisites were not successfully completed will be dropped from your registration. This action will be indicated on your student schedule.
Outstanding grades of INC and ABS will satisfy prerequisites only until January 12. Therefore, if as of January 12 you have an outstanding grade from a fall semester course which is a prerequisite to a winter semester course, you will not be able to remain registered in the Winter Semester course unless you are able to obtain a prerequisite waiver.
E. Enrolment Verification
At any time after you initially register you can obtain confirmation of registration by checking Memorial Self-Service. You should do this regularly, particularly if you are wait-listed for any courses, or if you make changes to your registration.
An Enrolment Verification document including a student schedule will be e-mailed to your account before the start of classes. Subsequent Enrolment Verification will be e-mailed periodically to only those students who have made changes to their registration since the previous mailout.
F. Release of Final Grades
Beginning at 5 p.m. on April 25, grades for Winter Semester courses will be officially released through Memorial Self-Service.
Printed grade reports are no longer mailed to students.
If you are required to withdraw from your graduate program, any winter semester courses for which you have registered will be removed from your schedule. If your status changes, your graduate registration course ([SUBJ] 9000 or MED 9900) will be reinstated; however, you will be required to register again for any other courses.
G. University ID Cards (Campus Cards)
The university ID card can be used as a student identification card, library, photocopy card, printing and for electronic door access to various buildings on campus. For the Winter Semester you can obtain your card from Answers, UC3005, during regular office hours between 9 a.m and 4:45 p.m. beginning on January 5.

Submit your picture early and have your card ready and waiting for you at Answers. See the website at for instructions.