Memorial University provides for registration through Memorial Self-Service. These registration procedures outline your responsibilities in registering and instructions for using Memorial Self-Service. Please take a few moments to read them.

If you are a new student or a student returning from a leave of absence for the Spring Semester, your e-mail account will receive confirmation of your eligibility to register with the date and time at which you may begin your registration, as well as your program of studies and address information. This information is also available from Memorial Self-Service.

Program Changes

You should review the information in your e-mailed confirmation letter or on Memorial Self-Service to confirm its accuracy. Any changes to your academic program information should be made on the appropriate form and submitted to the School of Graduate Studies at least one week before you register, as your eligibility for admission to reserved courses will be determined on the basis of the academic program information on file.


All students should register using Memorial Self-Service following the instructions at this site. Graduate students are required to be registered in each semester of the three-semester academic year throughout the entire period of the program, whether they are taking courses or not. As a service to students, the Office of the Registrar will automatically register all current students in the graduate registration [SUBJ] 9000 or MED 9900; however, new students and students returning after leaves of absence must initially register for the appropriate graduate registration, after which they will be eligible to register for individual courses.