Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can't register because my student number and PIN do not match. What should I do?

A: If you are a new student or one who has had to apply for readmission to the university for the current semester, your initial PIN will be your birth year and day in the form YYYYDD. After you have entered this initial PIN you will be prompted for a different six-digit number.

If you have not accessed the registration system since March 18, 2002, you must log in using your old four-digit PIN. You will then be prompted to change it to a six-digit number.

If you have previously logged in but have forgotten the PIN you created, contact the Office of the Registrar at (709) 864-4445 to have your PIN reset, or you can use the "Forgot PIN?" option in Memorial Self-Service. Enter your user id and click on "Forgot PIN?" Then follow the steps to reset yoru PIN.

Q: Why does the system tell me I am not eligible to register at this time?

A: If you have not registered at the university within the last two semesters, you are required to complete an Application for Readmission. If you are a current student, check your time and date to register. You are only eligible to register after that time.

Q: The system says "there is no seat available for you" in the course for which I am trying to register, but it lists the section as having space available. Why is this?

A: The section is probably reserved for students in a specific program. Check to see if there are any reserves or restrictions listed in the course offerings (either the printed or online version). Check the table of reserve codes carefully to make sure the reserve category is actually the program in which you are registered.

Q: How do I waitlist a course using Memorial Self-Service?

A: When you submit your request to add a course section using Memorial Self-Service, you will get a message if there is no seat available. If it is possible to waitlist in that section, a "waitlist" option will be available in the action list next to the course. You must select "waitlist" from this list and re-submit in order to become waitlisted in the course.

Q: How do I drop a course using Memorial Self-Service?

A: If the course is available to be dropped using Memorial Self-Service, you should select the "drop course" option from the "action" list next to the course on your schedule. If no such option exists, it is likely that the course is not available to be dropped using Memorial Self-Service and you should contact the academic department to obtain permission to drop the course using a signed Course Change Form. The form is valid only if properly stamped or signed by the Registrar’s Office.

Q: People who were waitlisted behind me in a course section have already become registered for the course, but I don't seem to be moving off the waitlist. Why is this?

A: If you are already registered in another section of the same course, or if you are already registered in the maximum number of credit hours permitted by your academic program, your position on the waitlist has become inactive. You will not become registered in the course even if you are at the top of the waitlist when a space becomes available. However, if you drop the other section of the course (or reduce your number of credit hours below the maximum), your position on the waitlist will be reactivated.