Green Tips

Following just a few of these tips will help make your life Greener.

  • Bring a reusable/refillable water bottle to work instead of purchasing bottled water on campus.

  • If you have any old Tim Horton's cup trays laying around bring them back with you next time you go to Tims so that they can be reused. Instead of asking for a new one, just reuse your old one. If you have a large collection of trays in your office (or at home), bring them to Tim Horton's and donate them to the store so that they can reuse them for other customers.

  • Use mugs or glasses at work for water/drinks. Bring your own mug to the coffee shop instead of using one of their paper cups.

  • Use rechargeable rather than single charge only batteries and don't forget to recycle your batteries at a Hazardous Waste Site when they are no longer useful.

  • Compost your organic kitchen waste. The waste will eventually break down and make great soil for your garden. Compost bins can be purchased at your local hardware or garden store.

  • Remember to bring reusable grocery bags with you to the supermarket.

  • Request electronic versions of your bank, credit card, utilities and other statements you may receive each month. Most companies allow you to save the electronic statements to your computer for easy reference & access in the future.