Policy on Replacement Diploma

While it is not possible to issue a duplicate of one’s original diploma, upon receipt of the following, the university will issue a replacement diploma with the signatures of the current officers of the university:

The following documentation is required:

1) A signed request (original letter must be submitted in person or by mail to Judy Jewison, Office of the Registrar, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, NL, A1C 5S7)) from the student, outlining the rationale for the request in accordance with item #2 below, and including detailed graduation information (i.e. student number, degree and date awarded) as well as contact information (i.e. telephone number, mailing address, email).

2) Either
A statutory declaration (original), sworn before a Notary*, setting forth the evidence for loss of the original diploma.

The original diploma, in the case of it being damaged or change of name.

Please Note the Following:

- There is no fee for this service.

- "Issued to Replace Original" will appear in fine print in the bottom margin of the replacement diploma (along with the date of issuance).

- Upon submission of above documentation, you should allow possibly 1-2 weeks for processing during peaks busy times.

- You may request to have the replacement diploma mailed or arrange to have someone else pick up your diploma by submitting written authorization to do so. If you would like your replacement diploma released to a third party, you must either a) indicate a consent to release in your letter of request for replacment diploma, b) send us authorization via fax (709.864.2337) or c) send an e-mail from your @mun account, to jsutton@mun.ca or jjewison@mun.ca. The person so authorized must show an appropriate photo ID before your replacement diploma can be released.

*The official request for a replacement diploma must be signed before a Notary Public or Commissioner of Oaths and have their official stamp/seal to indicate authenticity.

If you have any queries regarding this issue, please contact Judy Jewison, jjewison@mun.ca or phone 709.864.8265.



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