Convocation ceremony

Convocation stage

The convocation ceremony is approximately one hour and 15 minutes in length.

The ceremony is broadcast live on the university’s Web site,; it is also videotaped for future broadcast on local cable television, and copies of the video are made available for sale at the university bookstore.

You should arrive at the Arts and Culture Centre one hour before convocation, dressed in academic gown and cap, and carrying your hood.

Before taking your seat in the auditorium, you will be directed to pick up a card(s) bearing your name and degree to be conferred. This introduces you to the registrar who will call you to the stage to receive your degree(s).

At the appropriate time, ushers will direct you to the left side of the stage where you will pass your name card to the registrar.

When your name is called, you should cross to the centre of the stage, pass your hood to the dean/director and kneel on the stool. The chancellor will offer you congratulations as the dean/director places the hood over your head.

You should then proceed across and off the stage to the backstage area where you will receive your degree certificate and be directed back to your seat.

After the conferring of the honorary degree(s), the ceremony concludes with an invitation to you and your guests to celebrate the occasion by attending the convocation reception.


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