Apply to graduate

Step 1: Applying

The Application for Graduation is available through Memorial Self Service upon selection of the 'Graduation' link on the Main Menu. The following application deadlines apply:

Spring Graduation / Convocation (May): January 15th
Fall Graduation / Convocation (October) : July 15th

Note: Applications received after the deadline will be processed as time and resources permit.

Step 2 (if applicable): Registering to Attend the Convocation Ceremony (Degree Applicants Only)

Subsequent to submission of an Application for Graduation, degree applicants who plan to attend the Convocation ceremony MUST officially register for the particular session of Convocation relevant to their degree. The service to register for the ceremony will be available through Memorial Self Service approximately four weeks following the application deadline noted above and by which time the schedule of degrees for each session of Convocation will be confirmed. Upon confirmation of the degree / session assignments, further detailed information and instruction will be forthcoming from the university’s Division of Marketing and Communication and posted on their website.

Application Status

The status of an application may be viewed through Memorial Self Service upon selection of the 'Graduation' link on the Main Menu. Please note that the application will remain in 'Pending' Status until the Office of the Registrar has:

1) confirmed that all program requirements have been successfully completed and applicable financial obligations met, and

2) verified that program eligibility has been approved by the appropriate academic authorities (i.e applicable Academic Council and the University Senate).

Students are officially notified, in writing, regarding their graduation status / eligibility approximately 3 weeks prior to the first day of Convocation - earlier if requirements are completed prior to that semester which immediately precedes Convocation.


If your Graduation/Convocation question is not answered in the A – Z listing, please contact us at, or by calling (709) 864-8265.