Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Help

Q: I can't register because my student number and PIN do not match. What should I do?

A: If you are a new student or one who has had to apply for readmission to the university for the current semester, your initial PIN will be your birth year and day in the form YYYYDD. After you have entered this initial PIN you will be prompted for a different six-digit number.

If you have not accessed the registration system since March 18, 2002, you must log in using your old four-digit PIN. You will then be prompted to change it to a six-digit number.

If you have previously logged in but have forgotten the PIN you created, contact the Office of the Registrar at (709) 864-4445 to have your PIN reset, or you can use the "Forgot PIN?" option in Memorial Self-Service. Enter your user id and click on "Forgot PIN?" Then follow the steps to reset yoru PIN.

Q: Why does the system tell me I am not eligible to register at this time?

A: If you have not registered at the university within the last two semesters, you are required to complete an Application for Readmission. If you are a current student, check your time and date to register. You are only eligible to register after that time.

Q: The system says "there is no seat available for you" in the course for which I am trying to register, but it lists the section as having space available. Why is this?

A: The section is probably reserved for students in a specific program. Check to see if there are any reserves or restrictions listed in the course offerings (either the printed or online version). Check the table of reserve codes carefully to make sure the reserve category is actually the program in which you are registered

Q: How do I waitlist a course using Memorial Self-Service?

A: When you submit your request to add a course section using Memorial Self-Service, you will get a message if there is no seat available. If it is possible to waitlist in that section, a "waitlist" option will be available in the action list next to the course. You must select "waitlist" from this list and re-submit in order to become waitlisted in the course.

Q: How do I drop a course using Memorial Self-Service?

A: If the course is available to be dropped using Memorial Self-Service, you should select the "drop course" option from the "action" list next to the course on your schedule. If no such option exists, it is likely that the course is not available to be dropped using Memorial Self-Service and you should contact the academic department to obtain permission to drop the course using a signed Course Change Form. The form is valid only if properly stamped or signed by the Registrar’s Office

Q: People who were waitlisted behind me in a course section have already become registered for the course, but I don't seem to be moving off the waitlist. Why is this?

A: If you are already registered in another section of the same course, or if you are already registered in the maximum number of credit hours permitted by your academic program, your position on the waitlist has become inactive. You will not become registered in the course even if you are at the top of the waitlist when a space becomes available. However, if you drop the other section of the course (or reduce your number of credit hours below the maximum), your position on the waitlist will be reactivated.

Q: How do I audit a course?


Q: How do I make changes to my registration?

A: Once you have completed your initial registration you may make changes through the drop and add process. Changes in registration are not official unless you use the drop and add process. Most changes can be made through Memorial Self-Service. Please ensure you know deadlines for dropping and/or adding courses each semester. Check the University Diary for the current academic year.

For more information, visit the Changes to Registration page.

Q: How do I change my program of study?

A: If you are a current student, you should use the Declaration/Change of Academic Program Form to declare your academic program or to make changes to your academic program. Any changes to academic program information should be made by completing and returning a declaration/change of academic program form to the Office of the Registrar at least one week before registration, as eligibility for admission to some courses may be determined on the basis of the academic program information on file.

Q: How do I withdraw from the University?

A: A student who drops all courses in any given semester will be considered to have withdrawn from the University for that semester.

For more information, visit the University Calendar and the Withdrawing From the University page.

Q: Where can I pay my tuition and fees?

Enrolment Services Help

Q: How do I change my address?

A: Changes should be made using Memorial Self-Service (Personal Information menu).

Q: I require an enrolment verification, where do I go?

A: Your official transcript, available through Memorial Self-Service, serves as confirmation of your full- or part-time status, but if you require additional confirmation of enrolment for submission to a third party, you can request an enrolment verification letter via Memorial Self Service. Login using your student number and PIN, then click on the link to the Registration Menu, and follow the instructions labelled 'Request Enrolment Verification'.
Once you have submitted your request, you may check its status on the same web page by using the "Enrolment Verification Status".

For more information, visit the Enrolment Verification page.

Q: How do I change my name?

A: You can request a change of name (either a legal name change or a correction, such as including your middle name) using the Change of Name form available from the Office of the Registrar. Documentation will be required. You may also submit a request in writing, along with a copy of the appropriate documentation, by mail to the Office of the Registrar or by fax at 709 864-2337. Remember to include your preferred first name if it is something other than your legal name.

Q: I have questions about my transcript, where do I look?

A: All your questions about transcripts ( e.g. how to request and what information is shown) can be answered on the Memorial University Transcript page and the Transcript Definitions page.

Q: How do I opt out of insurance?

A: You can opt out of dental and medical insurance through the MUNSU webpage at

Q: How do I set up

Q: How do I use Memorial Self-Service?

Q: What are the University Calendar and University Diary?

Q: Can someone pick up my transcript for me?

Q: What is StudentAid?

Q: How can I replace my student ID?

A: Go to ANSWERS, located in the University Centre, Rm UC3005.

Admissions Help

Q: How do I check my application status?

A: If you applied online as a new student to Memorial University you can access the Online Application for Admission, using your application login ID and PIN, to track the status of your application.

Current or former Memorial students who applied using Memorial Self-Service can check the status using the Admissions menu there.

Applications for certain programs may require you to submit additional documents beyond those listed in your online application summary. These requirements are outlined within or on the related supplementary application form. Academic units or programs with additional requirements include the Faculty of Education, the Schools of Human Kinetics and Recreation, Music, Pharmacy, and Social Work; and the Bachelor of Nursing and the Bachelor of Fine Arts. Please see the related supplementary application form for specific advice or refer to the Admission to Faculties and Schools section on the left for program application and admission contact information.

Applicants who apply using a paper copy of the General Application for Admission/Readmission do not have access to online status updates.

Q: What documents are required for admission?

A: The documents required from an applicant for admission can be found on the Supporting Documents Required page. 

Q: Can I apply after the application deadline?

A: Yes, you can! For more information, visit the Late Applications page.

Q: How do I challenge for credit?

A: Applications to challenge for credit are available at the Office of the Registrar and online, Challenge for Credit Form. Completed applications must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar and must receive approval from the head of the academic unit offering the course(s). The academic unit may require documentary material from the student and/or an interview before making its decision whether or not to accept the challenge. The academic unit involved will be responsible for deciding the scheduling and appropriate method of evaluation, which may consist of a variety of possible modes of evaluation including written, practical and oral.

For more information, visit the University Calendar

Q: I am a transfer student, how do I apply for credit?

A: Course equivalency is determined by the academic unit responsible for each respective subject area. This is done by comparing the course and transcript information available for each student with existing Memorial University courses in that subject area. The process is coordinated by the Office of the Registrar.
A number of courses from many recognized post-secondary institutions have already been evaluated for equivalency with Memorial University courses. Where precedents exist, transfer credit can be awarded by the Office of the Registrar when the student's transcript is received.

For more information, visit the University Calendar and the Information for Transfer Students page.

Q: How am I accepted into a faculty/school?


Academic Advice

Q: What are the continuation requirements?

A: The general regulations for continuance and readmission can be found in the University Calendar. Some Faculties and Schools have programs in which the requirements for promotion, readmission, or continuation are stricter, more information can be found on Faculty/School Continuation Requirements page.

Q: I am an international student, where can I get advice?

A: If you are seeking advice with academic matters, the Academic Advising Centre is available to help you. If you are seeking asssistance with other matters (such as student visas or living accomodations), the International Student Advising Office can help you get information and advice.  

Q: I am new to MUN, where can I get advice about courses and programs?

A: The Academic Advising Centre has advisors that can help you with your academic needs.  

Q: What if I am unsure about what program I want to apply for?

A: If you are first year or beyond first year and are undeclared, the Academic Advising Centre can help you with your decision.  

Graduation Help

Q: I am not attending the convocation. How can I obtain my diploma?

A: Pick up by yourself or your representative. Students who do not attend the Convocation Ceremony may pick-up their Graduation Diploma from Room 2003 in the Arts and Administration Building on the first working day following the last session of Convocation.

Note: You must present your Student ID (or other acceptable photo identification).

If you wish to have someone else retrieve your Diploma on your behalf, this person must present a signed written authorization from you along with acceptable identification verifying they are indeed the person noted on your written authorization. (Alternatively, you can submit a written authorization directly to us, instead of your representative.)

If your Diploma is not retrieved as noted above, it will be mailed to you along with a copy of the Convocation programme within two weeks after the official Convocation ceremony.

Q: When is the deadline to ensure that my name appears in the convocation programme?

The names of candidates who are approved prior to the programme publication deadline (approximately two weeks prior to the first day of Convocation) will appear in the convocation /Graduation programme booklet. For those who are approved after the publication deadline, their names will be reflected in an internal programme addendum.

Note: If you opt to suppress the release of your name in your Application for Graduation, your name will not be published.

Q: When will I get a letter confirming my eligibility for degree?

Following 1) submission of the Application for Graduation, 2) subsequent assessment and confirmation by the Registrar’s Office that all program requirements have been successfully completed and applicable financial obligations met , and 3) verification that program eligibility has been approved by the appropriate academic authorities, students are officially notified, in writing, regarding their graduation status/eligibility (approximately 3 weeks prior to the first day of Convocation - earlier if requirements are completed prior to that semester which immediately precedes Convocation).

For more inquiries related to eligibility letters, please contact Ms. Judy Jewison:

For students who have submitted an Application for Graduation and who are completing your last academic semester, if you need a letter verifying your graduation status, please contact Ms. Jeanie Dalton:

Q: Can I request an invitation letter to invite my overseas guests to attend my convocation?

Yes. Invitation letters will only be issued to students who have applied to graduate, who have met the academic requirements for graduation, and who have no outstanding fees in their student accounts. Please send your request to Ms. Jeanie Dalton:

Q: Once I pay my fees owing to MUN, what is the process with my application for graduation?

Once you have met all financial obligations, we will continue to process your application for graduation. Keep in mind that if you are still registered in required courses for the program from which you are graduating, your graduation status will remain as “Pending” until after grades are released for the semester, when we do our final assessment.

Q: When does a Memorial University transcript show award of degree ?

The award of a Memorial University Degree, Diploma and/or Certificate is reflected on the student’s transcript on the first working day following the last session of Convocation.

Q: I lost/damage my original diploma? How do I order a replacement diploma?

While it is not possible to issue a duplicate of one’s original diploma, upon receipt of the following, the university will issue a replacement diploma with the signatures of the current officers of the university:

1) A signed request (original letter must be submitted in person or by mail to Judy Jewison, Office of the Registrar, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, NL, A1C 5S7)) from the student, outlining the rationale for the request in accordance with item #2 below, and including detailed graduation information (i.e. student number, degree and date awarded) as well as contact information (i.e. telephone number, mailing address, email).

2) Either
A statutory declaration (original), sworn before a Notary*, setting forth the evidence for loss of the original diploma.

The original diploma, in the case of it being damaged.

Please Note the Following:
- "Issued to Replace Original" will appear in fine print in the bottom margin of the replacement diploma (along with the date of issuance).
- Upon submission of above documentation, you should allow 1 - 2 weeks for processing.
*The official request for a replacement diploma must be signed before a Notary Public, or Commissioner of Oaths, and have their official stamp/seal to indicate authenticity.
If you have any queries regarding this issue, please contact Judy Jewison, or phone 709.864.8265.

Q: Who can I contact if I still have graduation–related questions?

You may contact Program Advice Contacts (a list can be found on the Staff Contact page) or Ms. Judy Jewison: 

E-Mail Help

Q: What is the single e-mail policy?

A: The single e-mail policy provides Memorial’s faculty, staff, students, retirees and alumni with a single e-mail address (for life) which is the sole address to be used for official university e-mail correspondence.

Q: I have an e-mail address. Does this policy affect me? How?

A: Memorial ensures that all students, faculty, staff, alumni and retirees are provided with a single e-mail address (for life) and all official e-mail correspondence from Memorial will be sent only to the Memorial addresses and not to external e-mail addresses. Memorial is not obliged to accept e-mail from students, faculty, staff, alumni or retirees unless it comes from a valid address.

Q: I use a hotmail, Yahoo, Sympatico or other e-mail account when I am at home. Can I still do that?

A: Yes, you can still access external e-mail accounts at home but Memorial is encouraging you to use e-mail wherever feasible. Academic and administrative units at Memorial are responsible for sending official e-mail communication to employees and students via the Memorial e-mail address.

Q: Why do I need to use an account?

A: All Memorial faculty, staff, students, alumni and retirees are obligated to correspond to any one affiliated with MUN on official MUN business with their e-mail account.

Q: I correspond with students a lot. Do I have to insist they use an account?

A: We recommend that you request that students use their account for official Memorial University correspondence.

Q: I am a faculty member. Do I have to use an account? Do I have to give up my other e-mail accounts?

A: You do not have to give up external e-mail accounts but Memorial is encouraging you to use e-mail for all your e-mail communications. It is an e-mail for life. The policy states that academic units at Memorial are responsible for sending official e-mail communication to employees and students via the Memorial e-mail address.

Q: If I am an alumnus or retiree what do I have to do?

A: If you are interested in getting a MUN e-mail account, please contact the Department of Computing and Communications and they will try to assist you. In the interim, Computing and Communications will be working on automating accounts through the fall semester.

Q: I work at MI or SWGC and would like to know if I still use,

A: The policy refers to, and At the beginning of the fall 2008 semester, students will have to read two accounts, and, but this is being worked on and will be consolidated to the one account.