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Committee members

The Chair of the Board, who shall chair the Committee:

• Mr. Robert Simmonds

Two other Board members, to be chosen by the Chair:

• Ms. Jennifer Guy

• Mr. Jim Keating

Four members of the faculty, chosen by the Senate, with at least one member from each of the St. John’s Campus, SWGC and the MI:

• Professor Shane O’Dea, Department of English

• Dr. Donald McKay, Faculty of Medicine

• Dr. Sonya Corbin Dwyer, Grenfell Campus

• Mr. Cyr Couturier, Marine Institute

Two students, chosen by the Chair after consultation with the Presidents of MUNSU, MISU, GCSU and the GSU:

• Mr. Cameron Campbell, MUNSU

• Ms. Kimberley Keats, GSU

An academic administrator, chosen by them from among themselves

• Dr. Mark Abrahams, Dean, Faculty of Science

A non-academic administrator, chosen by them from among themselves:

• Ms. Ann Marie Vaughan, Director, Distance Education and Learning Technologies

One member of the public-at-large, chosen by the Chair

• Mr. Steven Belanger, Belanger Clarke Follett & McGettigan

The Secretary of the Board will serve as Secretary of the Presidential Search Committee:

• Ms. Tina Pardy

The Advisor to the Board of Regents will provide advice to and support the work of the Presidential Search Committee:

• Mr. Glenn Collins