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Rant like Rick 2009 Winners

The three winners of the Rant like Rick contest are:

Elizabeth Hann – Rant like Rick Award

A grade 12 French immersion student at Holy Heart of Mary High School, Elizabeth’s rant was inspired by the chaos surrounding high school graduation, including the formation of Facebook groups dedicated to showing what girl ‘owns’ what dress. Elizabeth is an active member of student council and theatre arts and will be appearing in two upcoming school productions. An award-winning public speaker and athlete, she also loves to read, write and sing. With a brother and sister who are both Memorial graduates, Elizabeth says she’s always known she wanted to attend Memorial and thinks it is a great university.

Melanie Hoskins – First Runner Up

A grade 11 student at Prince of Wales Collegiate, Melanie’s rant on the lack of trans-Atlantic air service in Newfoundland was inspired by a recent event in which she was stranded at the Toronto and Montreal airport. Her many achievements include winning several regional Historica Fair competitions and placing first in the Senior Colour Poster Category of the Royal Canadian Legion’s Remembrance Day Poster Contest. She is also the secretary of her high school’s Key Club. In her spare time, Melanie enjoys Irish step dance, creative art, and playing guitar. Due to the positive experiences of her two sisters currently attending Memorial, Melanie says she feels fortunate to have a quality institution like Memorial in her own backyard.

Stacy Gagnidze – Second Runner Up

A grade 12 student at Western Canada High School, Stacy’s rant was a light-hearted commentary on Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s hair. Along with learning French as a second language, Stacy says that finishing in the top-three of the Rant like Rick Contest is one of her biggest accomplishments to date. She is also an avid photographer and even started a photography club at her school. As a volunteer on her school’s student union, Stacy spends countless hours organizing important school events. In her spare time, she enjoys snowboarding, music, reading, and making a “mean espresso with flare!” Stacy says Rick Mercer is the funniest man in Canada, which played a major role into why she entered this contest.

Additional Award Winners

In addition to the top three rants, there were some entries that could not go unnoticed:

Best Memorial Ad - Meaghan Ivany

Best Message - Benjamin Davis Reid

Best Ranter - Chelsea Squires

Best Writing - Allison French

Most Imaginative - Kyle Hammer