Honours Program


The Honours programs (B.A. and B.Sc.) are designed for students who would like to concentrate their studies or pursue graduate work. Honours students are required to submit an undergraduate thesis (Psychology 499A/B) in their graduating year. The thesis should demonstrate the student's competence in Experimental Psychology. Students typically work closely with a faculty member on the thesis; a list of a faculty available to supervise students is listed below. A list of past thesis topics illustrates the breadth of topics.

Photos from the 2009 annual APICS undergraduate conference can be found here.

Photos from the Summer 2010 Honour's Poster Session can be found here.


There will be one intake to the Psychology Honours program each year.  Students who would like to be considered for admission to these programs must submit an "Application for Admission to Honours Program Faculties of Arts or Science" to the Psychology Department by June 1 for Fall semester registration. Forms are available in the main office (SN-2065).


To be eligible for admission, students must have completed Psychology 2910 Research Methods in Psychology I; 2911 Research Methods in Psychology II; 2520 Mind and Brain; and 2930 Research and Writing in Psychology and obtained in these courses a grade of "B" or better, or an average of 75% or higher. Students who fulfill the eligibility requirements compete for a limited number of available spaces. Selection is based on academic performance in the required courses.

Registering for Psychology 499A

There are 5 steps to the registration process for 499A/B:

  1. Find an honours thesis supervisor (see below)
  2. Ask your supervisor to send an email to Linda Gaborko (Assistant Undergraduate Advisor) indicating that he or she has agreed to supervise your honours thesis.
  3. Fill out an add/drop form and bring it to Linda Gaborko (SN2058) to sign.
  4. Bring the form to the 499A course instructor to be signed.
  5. Take your signed form to the registrar.

NOTE: If the critical people for Steps 3 and 4 are not in their office, put your form in their Psychology Department mailbox (SN2065) and send them an email informing them that you need to have your form signed.

Behavioural Neuroscience and Joint Honours

The Department also offers Honours in Behavioural Neuroscience (B.Sc.) as well as several joint Honours programmes. Students who are admitted to these programmes should meet with the Deputy Head as soon as possible to ensure that their proposed plan of study will satisfy all requirements for the degree.

Honours Supervisor

The table below shows which faculty are available to supervise Honours students. The semesters listed refer to the up-coming academic year. For example, if you see the word "Fall" listed, it means that this faculty member is available to supervise during the Fall semester. If you see nothing, it means that this faculty member is unable to supervise. This table will be updated periodically as information becomes available.

Please note that our Clinical Psychology faculty have chosen to standardize their procedure for accepting honours students, and are not listed below.  The following clinical faculty are accepting honours students beginning in the Fall term only: Drs. Hadden, Gosselin, Garland, and Harris. Dr. Carter-Major will be on sabbatical in 2018 and will therefore not be accepting any honours students for the 2017-2018 academic year. The number of available projects for honours students will vary by supervisor but is generally only 1-3. The deadline for applications is March 15. Applications must include a cover letter, your current resume, and a copy of your transcripts. Individual clinical faculty may also require a writing sample. All applications will be reviewed and a selected number of applicants will be interviewed at that time. Students will be notified of final decisions by April 15.

Name Research Topics Available to Supervise
Russell Adams Developmental/Behavioural Neuroscience Fall/Winter/Spring
Jacqueline Blundell Behavioural Neuroscience Fall/Winter/Spring
Cathryn Button Social -
Mary Courage Developmental Fall/Winter/Spring
Jamie Drover Developmental Fall/Winter/Spring
Ken Fowler Social -
Darcy Hallett Developmental Fall/Winter/Spring
Kathleen Hourihan Cognition Fall/Winter/Spring
Gerard Martin Behavioural Neuroscience Fall/Winter/Spring
Michelle Mercer Developmental/Behavioural Neuroscience Fall/Winter/Spring
William Montevecchi CABE Fall/Winter/Spring
Ian Neath Cognition Fall/Winter/Spring
Carole Peterson Developmental Fall/Winter/Spring
Darlene Skinner Behavioural Neuroscience Fall/Winter/Spring
Brent Snook Social Fall/Winter/Spring
Anne Storey CABE Fall/Winter/Spring
Aimée Surprenant Cognition/Developmental Fall/Winter/Spring
Christina Thorpe Behavioural Neuroscience Fall/Winter/Spring
Sue Walling Behavioural Neuroscience Fall/Winter/Spring
Carolyn Walsh CABE Fall/Winter/Spring
David Wilson CABE Fall/Winter/Spring