Psychology Co-op Program (PCOP)

The Psychology Co-op Program (or PCOP) is a new option for psychology and behavioural neuroscience majors. This program provides an opportunity for students to learn valuable practical skills while working in fields related to Psychology. Students complete three Work Terms, which consist of full-time paid employment. The timing of the Work Terms is such that employers stand to gain from the acquired skills of psychology majors in training.

PCOP is intended primarily for students who are undecided about their future career plans. The program is less useful for students who have already decided that they want to pursue graduate (e.g., Masters or Doctoral) or professional (e.g., law, MBA, etc) studies.

Please consult the Calendar description of the program more details.

Admission Criteria

Please keep in mind that

  1. Admission is limited, competitive, and selective.
  2. The primary criterion used in reaching decisions on applications for admission is overall academic achievement. Students with average overall academic records are unlikely to be admitted.
  3. Students must first be admitted to the Psychology (B.A. or B.Sc.) or Behavioural Neuroscience Major.
  4. To be eligible for admission, students must have completed a minimum of 30 credit hours with an overall average of at least 65%, and an average of at least 65% in all Psychology courses. Students must have a passing grade in all required courses, and must be registered for 15 additional credit hours in the semester in which they apply.
  5. The deadline date for application is December 15.

How To Apply

Submit a one-page application that includes the following:

  • Your full name, MUN ID, and email address
  • A statement about your plans when you graduate. This is one of the most important sections, and should fill up most of the space on the page. What are you interseted in? What careers are you considering? What types of employment appeal to you? This information will be used, in part, to assess potential matches for work term positions.
  • A resume of relevant past work or volunteer experiences. Please note the word "relevant"; do not simply list everything you've ever done.

Part of what we consider is how well the application is written, as employers seek students with excellent communication skills. Students should also keep in mind the kinds of employment opportunities available to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year psychology majors.

Your application should be dropped off in the Psychology Office (SN-2065) before 4:00 PM on December 15.


Please contact either Theresa Mackenzie (, Rebecca Newhook (, or Linda Gaborko (