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There are two changes to DVM admission for Sept/2015 that I wish to bring to your attention.

First, the deadline for Atlantic Canadian applicants to apply to the program has changed to October 2nd (to be post-marked by this date). Applicants can complete the undergraduate application on-line or print it off and submit it with the supplementary application and the remainder of the required documents. Transcripts can follow shortly after the deadline. The new deadline lines up with our international applicant deadline. It will provide us a bit more time to evaluate and then contact applicants before the start of the winter semester should changes to their schedule be required. We will have a bit of leniency this year with the application deadline. If anyone misses the deadline, thinking they had until November 1, please encourage them to apply. The deadline will be a firm the following year.

Second, this year we are unable to provide information sessions at various universities in the region. We are doing two things to help compensate for this. First we are giving information sessions during the annual Atlantic Veterinary College open house on Saturday, September 27th. Information regarding the open house and the information sessions can be found below. As well, I've attached the powerpoint info session with this email. You are welcome to share this with potential applicants. In July or early August /2015 we will inform you whether information sessions will resume in mid/late September/2015 for September/2016 admission. Feel free to pass on any input you may have.

Below is a link to admissions information from our website.

Come to the Atlantic Veterinary College annual open house September 27th from 10am - 2pm. Information sessions for potential applicants will be held at 10am, 11:30am, and 1pm. Sign up for one of these sessions by contacting Janice MacWilliam at Space is limited.

PLEASE NOTE: Every effort is made to ensure an applicant is given accurate information. The admissions Requirements to some programs, in particular veterinary medicine, are quite detailed. It is the applicants responsibility to review minimum and prerequisite requirements, keeping these in mind when asking any admissions related question.

Canadian Psychological Association:

If anyone wants to join the Canadian Psychological Association, here's some of the perks an a link to learn more!

-Free SPC Card with membership
-Network with professionals and other students
-Access to CPA Journals
-Learn about publishing, networking and career opportunities
-And More!

To find out more information, you can visit the website listed below, or contact our CPA Rep, Garrett Melee.

2014-2015 Science Atlantic (Psychology) Conference

When: May 18th - 19th, 2015

Where: Memorial University of NL

More information to follow.