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Meet the Team

Dr. Brent Snook

Brent is interested in the standardization of youth rights, to avoid any possibility of human interference or error during delivery. Since the beginning of his employment at Memorial University of Newfoundland in 2004, Brent has developed working relationships with various police organizations across Canada and Internationally. Brent is the project leader.


Meagan McCardle

Meagan is completing her undergraduate degree (B.Sc. (Hons)) at Memorial University of Newfoundland under the supervision of Dr. Snook. Her undergraduate thesis considers police interactions with youth in interrogative settings. Meagan is a researcher on the project, as well as the liaison for youth participation.



Zak Keeping

Zak is completing his Master's in Experimental Psychology in the Psychology and Law Laboratory with Dr. Snook. His research goals centre around ethical interviewing procedures. Zak is a project researcher and participant tester.


Kirk Luther

Kirk Luther is a Ph. D. Candidate and he is supervised by Dr. Brent Snook. His research interests include police interviewing tactics, safeguarding the legal rights of youth and adults, and distinguishing between science and pseudoscience in law enforcement. Kirk is a researcher on the Youth Waiver Project.



John House (Not Pictured)
John C. House MOM, MSc, MLitt is a former Superintendent in charge of CID with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary. He is the project manager and social media liaison for the project.