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Summer 2007


We'd just like to point out that we did work this summer too!
As proof, here is Joe Eastwood and Jamison Mercer preparing booklets.

Fore! The Willows, Holyrood.

Back row, left to right: Josh Eastwood, Joe Eastwood, Jay Mercer & Brent Snook. Front: Brandy Doan, Jenn Kavanagh, Kristen Williams & Lesley King.

Joe & Josh Eastwood

Brent Snook & Jenn Kavanagh

Jay Mercer, Kristen Williams & Joe Eastwood

Where'd it go?
Jay Mercer & Kristen Williams

Left to right: Brent Snook, Jay Mercer, Kristen Williams, Josh Eastwood, Lesley King, Joe Eastwood & Jenn Kavanagh.

Annual BBQ

Left to right: Lesley King, Kristen Williams, Penny Abrahams, Craig Bennell, & Paul Taylor.

Right to left: Joanna Eastwood, Jenn Kavanagh, John Walsh, Paul Taylor, Kristen Williams, and Lesley King

Watching the exciting game of croquet as it unfolds...
From left to right: Jenn Kavanagh, John Walsh, Paul Taylor, Craig Bennell, & Brenda Snook

Serious game of croquet, Brent - your competitive streak is showing!

Jay Mercer, competitor...

Todd Doan - competitor, and Guinness (referee)

Joe Eastwood - the Victor!

Joe Eastwood & Brent Snook.

Behind: Penny Abraham & Ken Fowler.
Left to right: Joe Eastwood, Joanna Eastwood, Jay Mercer, Lesley King.

Kristen Williams & Brent Snook

Pseudo Screech-in!
Left to right: Todd Doan, Paul Taylor, Brandy Doan, & Craig Bennell.

George Street Festival

Paul Taylor, Brent Snook & Craig Bennell.

Lesley King & Sarah Hollett (wannabe BRL member)

Left to right: Brent Snook, Craig Bennell, Brandy Doan, Lesley King, Sarah Hollett & Paul Taylor.

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