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Graduate Achievement

External Graduate Funding


John Adams (B.Sc., Hons). NSERC Graduate Scholarship-Masters

Pamela Button (PsyD Candidate). NLCAHR Doctoral Fellowship

Joe Eastwood (Ph.D. Candidate). SSHRC CGS-D3

Annie Jalbert (Ph.D. Candidate). NSERC CGS-D3

Kathy Keating (PsyD Candidate). SSHRC Graduate Scholarship-Masters

Meagan MacKenzie (Ph.D. Candidate). SSHRC Doctoral Scholarship

Megan Short (M.Sc. Candidate). SSHRC J.A. Bombardier Graduate Scholarship - Masters Scholarship

Kristen Williams (M.Sc. Candidate) Albert George Hatcher Memorial Scholarship

Cognitive and Behavioural Ecology (CABE):

Laura McFarlane Tranquilla (Ph.D. Candidate). NSERC PGS-D3

Amy-Lee Kouwenberg (Ph.D. Candidate). NSERC CGS-D3

Paul Regular (Ph.D. Candidate). NSERC PGS-D3; Maritime Awards Society of Canada (MASC) Maritime Studies Scholarship; The George Weston Graduate Scholarship

Fellow of the School of Graduate Studies (May, October 2009)

Valerie Noel (M.Sc. Candidate) Psychology

Craig Knickle (M.Sc. Candidate) Cognitive and Behavioural Ecology

Mary Ryan (M.Sc. Candidate) Cognitive and Behavioural Ecology

Canadian Evaluation Society National Case Competition (June 2009)

A team of MASP students was one of three finalists in the Canadian Evaluation Society National Case Competition. Members of the team were: Stephanie Avery, Natalie Reardon, Reanne Meuse and Ashley Barrett; their coach was Monique Goguen Campbell, a graduate of the MASP program. The team competed against 18 teams from 16 universities across Canada in March 2009 to reach the finals in Ottawa in June 2009.

Certificate of Academic Excellence: Masters Theses/Projects (Canadian Psychological Association, June 2009)

Jennifer Kavanagh

Doreen MacNeill

Patricia Rice