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the Dump & Run

Project Green's Community Yard Sale!

This year's dates:
April 13th- 25th in West Hatcher House, MUN Campus!!

the Dump & Run
For the tenth year running, Project Green has hosted a community yard sale at Memorial University every spring. Its purpose is simple. The Dump & Run gives students living in residence the opportunity to give away their used and perfectly good furniture, books, clothes, and anything else, rather than simply throwing it all away when they move out. Hence, "Dump and Run".

Most of the items donated are sold right away to people in the community. Whatever isn't sold is kept over the summer, so that students moving in during the fall can get cheap and useful stuff, right on campus. Thank you Dump & Run!

This year (2011), the Dump & Run will take place from the 13th to the 25th of April (during final exams), at Hatcher House. Donate your old stuff, or see what's on sale!!

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