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Other Work Opportunities

There are a number of Political Science work opportunities that do not require a commitment to the co-op program.

Want to earn paid job experience related to Political Science? Consider MUCEP or ISWEP
Undergraduate students who are taking courses can apply for part-time on-campus jobs that are advertised each semester under Memorial's Undergraduate Career Experience Program (MUCEP). The equivalent for undergraduate international and ELS students with a vaild study permit is the International Student Work Experience Program (ISWEP). Each semester faculty members in Political Science qualify for a number of such positions which typically involve providing them with research assistance.

Don't want the commitment of a co-op program? Consider POSC 4600
Political Science 4600 is great opportunity for senior students who wish to spend a limited amount of time in a professional environment and an ideal option for employers to avail of experienced undergraduate students for small projects. This internship course is regularly offered to provide students the opportunity to earn regular 4000-level credit hours towards their degree while applying what they have learned during their degree program. It involves a one-semester commitment of work experience that offers an opportunity for students to fully explore their options as they choose a career path. Students work 96 hours (8hrs/week, unpaid) during the semester and must sign a learning contract with their employer. There are career-related writing assignments but no classes. Note: Political Science Co-op students are not eligible to take POSC 4600 because they may not earn credit for both 4600 and 460W.

Already in 2nd year or higher? You may still be eligible to take POSC 260W
When the Political Science Co-op program was introduced in the 2011-12 calendar year there were students who may have been interested but were too far along in their degree program to enrol in co-op. To provide them with the opportunity of a semester of full-time paid work experience, senior students who have declared a Political Science Honours or Major, who are not pursuing the co-op degree, and who had completed at least 6 courses (18 credit hours) in Political Science before September 2011 may be given permission to enrol in POSC 260W. This includes being required to complete work assignments and earning the designation of Pass with Distinction, Pass or Fail on the transcript. However, unlike POSC 4600, completion of 260W does not earn credit hours towards the degree and placement priority is given to PSCE students.

Already have a degree? Consider our Master of Arts with Internship
A popular and competitive one-year full-time program, the MA with internship is designed to provide students who have completed an undergraduate degree with practical work experience in public policy research and public administration. Students undertake two semesters of coursework to provide them with a basic background in political science research. A four-month paid work term follows (generally running from May to August). Students must also produce a major paper for POSC 6031 (a co-requisite for the internship, POSC 6030) that applies political science concepts and methods to an issue related to their placements.