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Want to learn by doing?

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Want to apply your knowledge on the job? Get career-related experience before you enter the workforce? You're in the right place. The Department of Political Science offers three dynamic programs for students to pursue practical job opportunities as part of their bachelors or masters degree. Develop a better understanding of the possible careers that await you on the other side of graduation by exploring our Co-op degree, our POSC 4600 internship course or our M.A. with Internship degree.

Undergraduate Political Science Co-op Degree

A new Co-op degree program designed for students interested in public policy and other fields related to political science. Students add three work terms (12 months full-time, paid) to their regular political science degree program. Admission is competitive and selective.

Undergraduate Internship Course

Political Science 4600 is an internship course designed for students to enhance their education with practical experience. This is a one-semester commitment of work experience (8hrs/week, unpaid) that earns regular 4000-level course credit hours.

  • "I highly recommend taking 4600, it is a great way to gain valuble work experience in a field of interest to you, and learn what employment opportunities are available upon completing a Political Science degree. It also allowed me to learn how to write a briefing note, as well as a cabinet submission, both of which are incredible assets to have when looking for future employment with the government or elsewhere." (Tess, former POSC 4600 student)

Master of Arts with Internship

A one year program open to full time students, the MA internship is designed to provide students with practical work experience in public policy research and public administration. Two semesters of course work followed by a work semester (4 months full-time, paid).

  • "The academic courses in the MA program refined my critical thinking, research and writing skills, and the internship component was a valuable opportunity to put those skills and theory into practice. The internship semester not only gives you professional work experience, but it allows you to develop skills that are transferable to a variety of sectors, and to meet people in a field where you may want to begin your career." (Maggie, M.A. with Internship graduate)

What's the difference between internship and co-op?
Internship and co-op have different meanings. A co-operative education student must complete several full-time work placements and cannot finish the degree on a work term. Conversely an internship position could be full or part-time and can involve just one placement. Our internships range from 8hrs/week (total 96 hours) for POSC 4600 to a full-time semester commitment for our M.A. program, while a B.A. with co-op candidate undertakes three full-time semesters of placements.

In all cases, our work placements are hosted by employers in the St. John's area and across the province and throughout Canada including Ottawa, with some possibility of international work. The programs feature course assignments but no classes. Students are expected to work with university staff to develop their résumé and prepare for interviews.

Interested? Click for information about the co-op degree, about POSC 4600 or about the MA with Internship.