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Information for Employers

How employers benefit from these programs
The wide-ranging theoretical and practical skills that political science students have can bring great added-value to your team. Students complete special projects, assist other employees and access specialized skills. You will be surprised by how quickly they can help your organization achieve and even surpass strategic goals and objectives – while adding to a positive workplace environment including the personal satisfaction that comes with being a mentor. A three-way partnership between student, employer and university, co-operative opportunities can be a boon for any employer:

  • Establish future recruitment possibilities;
  • Access junior professional-level workers who work with little supervision;
  • Achieve progress on one or more projects, such as research and analysis work;
  • Contribute to a dynamic workplace culture in Newfoundland and Labrador;
  • Influence a young person's career path; and,
  • Assist in knowledge-building.

Employer requirements
For employers, common features of the undergraduate Co-op program, POSC 4600 and the MA with internship include:

  • Participate in the student section process;
  • Provide a meaningful work experience related to the student's area of study;
  • Offer appropriate professional guidance, supervision and feedback; and,
  • Provide a written evaluation of the student's performance at the end of the work term.

Additional features of the Co-op degree program and the MA with internship include:

  • Engage a student as a regular junior member of staff;
  • Provide a salary consistent with the employer's organizational salary structure; and,
  • Participate in a co-operative education coordinator's site visit.

There are a variety of funding sources available to small organizations to help them hire a student. For more information about any of the following please contact the Division of Co-operative Education:

  • Advancing Non-profit and Voluntary Investments in Learning (ANVIL)
  • Graduate Transition to Employment Program (GTEP)
  • Small Business Internship Program (SBIP)
  • Small Enterprise Co-operative Placement Assistance Program (SECPAP)

Employers seeking more information
For more information about the Political Science co-op degree, please contact the Division of Co-operative Education coordinator.
For more information about the course POSC 4600, please contact the designated faculty member in the Department of Political Science.
For more information about the MA with Internship, please contact the Division of Co-operative Education coordinator.