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Forms for the PSCE

The following processes and documents will be needed by students pursuing the Political Science Co-operative Education (PSCE) program, leading to the degree Bachelor of Arts, Honours in Political Science (Co-operative) or B.A., Political Science (Co-operative). NOTE: ALL LINKS ON THIS PAGE WILL BE ACTIVE BY MID-2012.

PSCE application form
How to request your transcript

Start of a Work Term
Course change form (to enrol in POSC 260W, 360W or 460W)
Example of course syllabus for POSC 260W, 360W or 460W
Confidentiality and Professional Conduct agreement
Guidelines for plan of learning objectives

During a Work Term
Undergraduate coop handbook
Work log form

End of a Work Term
Employer's Evaluation of Work Term

Other Information
Application for challenge for credit (for students who have equivalent work experience)
Information about Political Science courses (including examples of course outlines)
Request for a course load waiver (to be eligible to take an extra course in a semester)
Request to take courses elsewhere and transfer to MUN (e.g., distance course)
Schedule of course offerings (maintained by the Office of the Registrar)