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Co-op Contact Information

The work placements in the co-op degree program are coordinated by the Division of Co-operative Education. This is performed in consultation with the Department of Political Science which is responsible for the overall academic program integrity. Students and employers should direct most questions to the Co-operative Education coordinator, with questions concerning academic advice directed to the designated Political Science faculty member.

Administrative matters Academic matters
Division of Co-operative Education Department of Political Science
Smallwood Centre, UC-4000 Science building, room SN-2028
Memorial University Memorial University
St. John's, NL A1C 5S7 St. John's, NL A1B 3X9
Phone: (709) 864-2100 Phone: (709) 864-8179
Web: Email: polisci[at]mun[dot]ca

Role of the Division of Co-operative Education
The Co-operative Education office performs most of the administrative work. The Division's staff are the only ones speaking with the employers, setting up jobs, conducting site visits and performing monitoring. They help the designated Political Science faculty member evaluate the appropriateness of job placements and they assess the students' final reports. They are responsible for counselling students; delivering professional development seminars; identifying and liaising with employers; organizing competitions for work term placements; arranging student-employer interviews and facilities; coordinating database management; administering work placements; visiting students on their work assignments; evaluating the work term in consultation with the Department; and the continuous development of employer opportunities.

The role of the Co-operative Education coordinator includes:

  • answering employment-related questions about the co-op program for prospective students;
  • leading the promotion of and recruitment into the program;
  • reviewing student applications and making recommendations to the designated Political Science faculty member;
  • developing and delivering professional development sessions related to job search (including doing mock interviews with students);
  • finding work term opportunities for students;orchestrating the job placement process;
  • making job offers to students on behalf of employers;
  • maintaining relationships with potential employers;making site visits;
  • working in coordination with the designated faculty member to review draft work term job descriptions;
  • grading the final work term report (i.e., a reflective essay);
  • determining work term marks in conjunction with designated faculty member;
  • participating in various meetings / committees related to co-op education (managers meetings, marketing committee); and,
  • regularly updating the designated faculty member on work term placement process.

Role of the Department of Political Science
The Department of Political Science monitors overall scholarly quality of the program and facilitates its delivery. The PSCE program is overseen by a designated department faculty member, who is ordinarily the administrator of POSC 260W/360W/460W, and who is supervised by the Head of the Department. These academic liaisons work closely with the Division of Co-operative Education coordinator.

The Political Science designated faculty member is available to:

  • answer academic questions about the co-op program for prospective students;
  • review applications from prospective students and make recommendations to the Department Head;
  • maintain a course syllabus for POSC 260W, 360W and 460W;
  • grade the first written assignment, such as a briefing note or cabinet paper;
  • review draft work term job descriptions and send feedback to the Co-operative Education coordinator;
  • review work term reports (re: reflective essays) that are graded by the coordinator;
  • determine work term marks in conjunction with the Co-operative Education coordinator; and,
  • share employer information with Co-operative Education coordinator.