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Applying for Admission to the PSCE

MUN students

Admission to the political science co-op degree program is competitive and selective. Only a small number of students will be admitted. To be eligible for an offer of admission to the program, students must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. By the end of the Fall semester in which you intend to submit your application you will have completed a minimum of 14 university courses (42 credit hours), two of which must be POSC 1000 and 2800. Preference may be given to students who have completed POSC 2010 and 2600.
  2. The overall average of all of your university courses is at least 65% by the end of the Fall semester that you are applying.
  3. The overall average of just your political science courses is at least 70% by the end of that Fall semester.
  4. You have already declared a Major in Political Science or accepted an offer of admission to the Honours in Political Science. This is a separate process from admission to the PSCE. See other areas of our website for information about declaring a Major (easy to do) or declaring an Honours (bit more complex).
  5. If you have taken courses at another university you have completed at least one semester at Memorial University.

Honours and Major candidates should apply for entry into the program after their first year. If you meet the criteria above, complete the PSCE application form, include a copy of your transcript and a letter expressing interest in the program, and submit your application by November 1; if that day falls on a weekend or holiday applications will be accepted the next business day. As part of the application form students are asked to print off material about the PSCE program on the Department's website and to initial each printed page as having been read (specifically, the pages dealing with the extra courses, planning your course schedule, finding an employer and during a work placement). It is also recommended that they review material on the Co-operative Education website. Applications are to be submitted to:
Department Head
Department of Political Science
Science Building, room SN-2028
Memorial University

Application checklist
1. PSCE application form
2. Copy of your resume
3. Copy of your transcript
4. Letter of interest
5. Initialled pages of PSCE website material (see above)

Students who meet the admission criteria and who are being considered for an offer of admission to the PSCE program will be required to pass a semi-formal in-person interview with the program's designated faculty member, who may invite the Co-operative Education coordinator. This interview will consider the candidate's suitability for the program, such as his/her commitment to exceptional ethical and professional conduct, and will be an opportunity to ensure that the student is familiar with the design of the program. The interview will normally be scheduled after the conclusion of the December exam period so that Fall semester grades can be considered. The designated faculty member will then advise the Department Head about the candidate's suitability for the program.

Offer of Admission
Students who meet all of the eligibility criteria and who are successful in their in-person interview will be provided with written notification from the Head of the Department of Political Science. Ordinarily these letters will be issued by the end of January and will be copied to the Office of the Registrar. Once that office has received this notification from the Department, students who had declared a Major in Political Science will be transferred into the Political Science (Co-operative) program, and students who had been accepted into the Honours program will be transferred into the Honours in Political Science (Co-operative). Co-operative education students who have declared a Major and are considering an Honours degree may elect to follow that course pattern and, at a later date, follow the normal procedures for applying for admission to the Honours program.