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Here's a sample of what people in the Department of Political Science have to say about their experience at Memorial…

First Year Students

  • "I like Memorial's Political Science program because the professors are approachable and the department offers a great choice of courses." (Shelley, from Newfoundland)
  • "Memorial is a cool school and I really enjoy the introductory courses the Political Science department offers. They provided me with a great introduction to Political Science and helped me consider why I might want to study Political Science as my major or minor." (Rebecca, from Ontario)
  • "Political Science is where it is at. You not only debate current events but you learn about how Political Science operates from a scientific level, it is really cool." (Brad, from New Brunswick)

Second Year Students

  • "I enjoy studying Political Science at Memorial because I am interested in the world around me. The Political Science department offers great courses which complement my desire to learn about world affairs. I also like the PowerPoint presentations many professors use as teaching tools." (Tessa, from Ghana)
  • "I really like the fact that the department offers so many different types of courses. I am interested in international relations and there are plenty of courses to choose from." (Rodney, from Newfoundland)

Third Year Students

  • "Political Science is a really interesting field of study, I especially enjoy comparative courses as they provide a good overview of large areas of the world and often they provoke class debate." (Adam, from Newfoundland)
  • "Political Science is fun because you get to explore topics that are up to date and often controversial. Many of the classes when you reach third and fourth year level are quite small and this allows you to feel less intimidated in the classroom." (Margaret, from Newfoundland)

Fourth Year Students

  • "Memorial's Political Science program is awesome, the professors are great, the secretaries are very nice, and there is always someone willing to help you through any problems or questions you have." (Jeremy, from Newfoundland)
  • "Studying Political Science at Memorial has been a great experience. I really like the office staff and my professors have been very friendly. I would recommend Memorial to anyone as tuition is reasonable and flights to and from Newfoundland from Halifax are very affordable." (Chelsea, from Nova Scotia)
  • "The Political Science program is great because it offers a broad array of evening classes." (John, from Newfoundland)

Department of Political Science Faculty

  • "Memorial is a place full of engaging, lively, insightful people who care less about egos than making sense of the world around us… it allows you to use your imagination, play with puzzles, explore, and offer new critical insights. The fact that we live in an environment where people are friendly, do not have to drive great distances back and forth to work, not to mention the incredible kayaking, is all a bonus." (Professor)
  • "Wherever possible, I try to stimulate students' interest in politics by using engaging PowerPoint presentations, class discussions, critical thinking exercises, and the occasional guest speaker or video. Offering real-life political examples and a the occasional Newfoundland point of view helps keep things real." (Associate Professor)