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Deadlines, Extensions and Exemptions

Students are responsible for meeting deadlines for dropping courses, submitting papers when they are due, and for taking exams when they are scheduled.

If there are extenuating circumstances and a student has a legitimate documented excuse – e.g. serious illness or a death in the family – we will make adjustments as prescribed in university regulations.

The same applies to Honours, Major and Minor requirements: these are clearly stated in the university calendar and on Department, Faculty, and University websites. Students are expected to meet them rather than asking for waiver of regulations at the last minute.

As per University regulations, all instructors will inform students of the method of evaluation to be used in their course by the end of the first week of the semester. Papers are due in class or at the time designated by your instructor. If you cannot hand your paper directly to your instructor in class, bring it to the Department office during regular opening hours, so that the date and time of submission can be stamped on it.

For information on exemptions from final examinations and procedures for applying to write deferred examinations, see the general regulations in the university calendar.