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Have some questions that aren't answered on our Questions and Answers page? Prefer to speak to someone directly? We're here to help! There are a number of ways in which you can find out about Political Science at Memorial. These include:

Basic Tips for Doing Well in Political Science
There are a number of ways do well in most university courses. For instance:

  • Attend class.
  • Read assigned material ahead of time.
  • Think about the material and actively engage it.
  • Read newspapers and follow the news.
  • Ask questions if you need clarification or guidance.
  • Get a head start on papers and assignments.
  • Allow sufficient time both to research and write your papers.
  • Remember that short papers are not necessarily easier to do than longer ones. A good three page paper can take longer to write than one which is 10-15 pages.
  • Write in your own words (avoid plagiarism).
  • Remember to document the sources which you use.