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Academic Certificates

Memorial University offers academic certificate programs that can be taken instead of, or as part of, a degree program. Certificate programs are short — between six and 10 courses. They are frequently taken for the purposes of professional development, by individuals interested in building the foundations for a career, or perhaps by part-time students.

Certificates can be completed concurrently while a student is working towards a degree. Credit hours earned can be applied towards both the degree requirements and towards the certificate requirements. If the right combination of courses is selected students may therefore graduate with both a degree and a certificate.

Memorial currently offers three certificate programs that include Political Science courses. For information about certificates please view the university calendar entries.

Certificate in Criminology
This certificate is designed for members of the community who have a special interest in the structure and administration of criminal justice. The program is of particular interest to persons engaged in law enforcement, corrections and rehabilitation. Political Science courses include:
• One of Political Science 1000, 1010 or 2800
• One of Political Science 2100, 2800, 3610 or 3820

Certificate in Newfoundland Studies
This certificate is designed for those who wish to expand their knowledge of Newfoundland and Labrador. The program will be useful to persons involved in community, rural and northern development; cultural affairs, tourism, education and archival and library services. Political Science courses include:
• Political Science 3880
• Political Science 3890, 4650

Certificate in Public Administration
This certificate is intended for public sector employees and any others who wish to further their understanding of the administration of public policy and public programs. Political Science courses include:
• Political Science 2600, 2800, 3610, 3810
• Two of Political Science 1000, 1010, 3600, 3820, 3870, 3890, 4630, 4680